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BIOMASS: Energy (2012)

"Energy is for a public fond of hammered rhythms pulsing of a minimalist approach under tetanized and iodized synth layers"

1 Soar Acido 2:01
2 Serpent Sphinx 4:03
3 Serpentetraspeed 7:59
4 Phaseloc 11:27
5 Aquapolar 10:28
6 Minechamber 22:33

BIOMETRAX: BIOM001 (59:01)

Masses of compressed tones, forged in lines of synths with hybrid forms and tones, which unfold at a brisk pace on a mixture of percussions and unbridled pulsations, here is to what our ears are entitled by testing the limits of Biomass and its last EP; Energy. Project of the Californian synth man James Walter Douglas, Biomass goes places on the Californian coast since the end of the 90’s with visual shows starring his music which is a mixture of Industrial and Dark ambient fed by hard-hitting drones, linear stroboscopic movements from which are escaping unbridled and bouncy rhythms. Energy presents this music; the rest goes between your ears!
"Soar Acido" starts the ball with a synth line which appears out from silence to buzz of a deep bouncy movement. Like a long line of sequence molded in a synth blade and a collage of successive percussions, "Soar Acido" parades on a tremulous and convulsive linear movement wrapped by a warm synth aura. From soft to very livened up the movement dies out in a slender ambient and resonant filet. "Snake Sphinx" is superb with its tom-toms filled by steroids which thunder under a juxtaposition of synth layers which slide on a heavy and bumpy rhythm. Minimalist and powerful it prepares us for "Serpentetraspeed" which collapses under a swarm of percussions and pulsations as well as a resonant bass line bursting out under floating stratas. It’s a heavy, robust and frenzied rhythm which follows a lineal tangent, such as a hypnotic trance, that fine cosmic strata encircle of a celestial morphic approach. After an indecisive intro where pulsations and percussions stumble in a smothered, the rhythm of "Phaseloc" knocks out us with its hatched and bouncy stratas which explode in a powerful metallic staccato. The ambience is soaked of a curious aceric approach where tonalities seem as much virgin as caustic, calling back the rhythms of tribal trances which would take place in the gaps of an underground steel-making world. The limits of the tolerance are exposed with this minimalist approach which buzzes intensively on a movement which offers very few nuances. "Aquapolar" is an interesting track which brings us back at the time of
Klaus Schule's Totem. No both because of the rhythm as this mass of compressed synth layers which scrolls on hardly perceptible pulsations but on rhythm drawn by hummings fed in the iodized acid. It’s the only track where the synths guide a rhythmic approach by undulatory circles of influence, reminding the caustic and metallic period of the German synthesist. "Minechamber" is the most beautiful title of Energy. The intro is fed by synth breaths which hum like loud machinery. The percussions fall at around the 4th minute, drawing a rhythm which is situated within the limits of Steve Roach and his tribal approaches. It’s a linear rhythm which struggles under these metallic winds which float in a dreadful heat, walking "Minechamber" in an oblong minimalist corridor until the last backfiring of the percussions which fade in its drones of blown steel.
Energy of Biomass is for a public fond of hammered rhythms pulsing of a minimalist approach under tetanized and iodized synth layers. There is a not much of emotion, nor of nuances, on this EP filled with bouncy and compulsive rhythms. It’s dynamite which can frighten certain ears quite as it could charm those eager for furious rhythms which spasm in bodies without souls.

Sylvain Lupari (2012)
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