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STEVE ROACH: Groove Immersion (2012)

"Groove Immersion is an album of concentration of rhythms and retention of emotions..."

1 Part One 14:54
2 Part Two 22:07
3 Part Three 12:28
4 Part Four 24:25


Groove Immersion is a musical experience as fascinating as puzzling. It’s a confusion of captive rhythms which pound under a sky laminated of synth layers and waves floating in a post apocalyptic chaos. It's like going down a long river troubled by thousands of lapping that we cease to sense so much we are bewitched by the breaths, winds and hoots of the synths. Groove Immersion took root in the earthly and clanic rhythms of Immersion Five-Circadian Rhythms. In fact, it’s a continuation of the Immersion series, except that instead of captivating the listener with lot of morphic and mind-numbing synth layers and waves, Steve Roach weaves an impressive rhythmic pattern where sequences, pulsations and percussions intertwine into an intense immersive movement.
Stratas and waves of synth darken a sky sieved by resonant breaths while the rhythm finely drummed of "Part One" begins its long throbbing odyssey. Meticulous, Steve Roach lays the foundations of a stunning rhythmic fauna where the Mandala percussions resound and vibrate thanks to an ingenious system of microphones placed inside their skins. Although shaken, the rhythm remains peaceful like a long linear movement with multiple soft vibrations. True to form, the Californian synthesist embroiders quite a whole universe of parallelism in its percussions by adding tones of an insectivorous fauna, like these gigantic centipedes with rubbery castanets which roam throughout this rhythmic immersion. Layers of synth to tones of ethereal mists float with a soporific slowness on this movement filled with related electronic tones, weaving a morphic envelope as disparate as intriguing. Snippets of harmonies pierce this envelope, dropping mislaid chords which roam throughout the movement and entering in our ears such as silky earworms which wind between oniric layers and threatening strata. And these synth layers accumulate in a crescendo which espouses the stillness rhythm of "Part One" to slide into the more smooth rhythms of "Part Two" which, in spite of a slowdown in the tempo, respect the rhythmic and harmonious premices of "Part One". And so goes Groove Immersion. The more we move within and the more we go deep into a somber heaviness where the latent rhythm is immersed by layers and streaks which mould unreal and sinister ambiences. "Part Three" is dark and encircled by ghostly hoots, hiding a rhythmic as active as in "Part One". And if we pay an attention on this entire sound fauna, we perceive this fine piece of melody which always tries to pierce this heavy veil of rhythm and darkness. A little as sunbeams lost in the depths of Roach’s caves. This segment is the most intense of Groove Immersion which ends in indecision with "Part Four" and its divided rhythm which collapses under the enormous weight of the somber silvered and iridescent strata.
While we believed that the Immersion series fainted, Steve Roach gives to it a second breath with an album as much mesmerizing as Immersion Five-Circadian Rhythms. Groove Immersion is an album of concentration of rhythms and retention of emotions which can charm as much as it can disconcerted. The ambiences are rich, creative and unique to the quirky signatures of the synthesist from the deserts to thousand cerebral forms. There is a lot of intensity in this work where everything seems disproportionate so much Steve Roach enjoys amplifying all his sound experiences. And the experience is even more striking with earphones. It’s Roach! And we cannot deny the bewitchment which gets free of this long river bubbling of implosives rhythms. Rhythms that we lose all senses so much the sky is sieved by copper-colored tones.

Sylvain Lupari (2012)
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