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MYTHOS:Quasar (2012)

Quasar is a hard and very rock album where the Kraftwerk Teutonic rhythms cross prog rock ambiances à la Jethro Tull”
1 Quasar 4:28
2 Nurse Robot 3:22
3 Flut e Qencer: the Knight Songs 9:58
a. Duel (2:21)   b. Lamentation (4:03)
c. Conjuration (1:26)   d. Rebirth (1:37)
4 Flut e Sizer 3:31
5 Didnt notice, Didnt Mind 3:23
6 Nothing but your Dream 3:19
7 Just a Part 3:31
8 When the Shows Just Begun 3:26
9 Collected Jingles & Theme Songs 9:58

After the making Superkraut Live1 976, Sireena Records dusts this time a pivotal work in the evolution of Mythos. Quasar is the transitory album of Mythos. It’s Stephan Kaske's first solo album and the first album where Mythos transcends its Krautrock roots to embrace the paths of EM. Making it, Quasar is a very good mixture of heavy and tortuous progressive rock and EM to Teutonic flavor which is strongly influenced by the pulsating and technoïd rhythms of Kraftwerk, as well as their vocoders of robots with a cold. It is little as if Jethro Tull fell in the robotic keyboards and percussions of the Düsseldorf quartet. To say the least, it’s in this way that the title-track harpoons our ears.
Crystal clear keys fall as snowflakes on an evening of Christmas to introduce the bouncy rhythm of "Quasar". The rhythm is nervous and skips in a feverish movement of staccato while a flute is kissing this rhythm with passion, forging a melody which hangs on to a bipolar structure to interchangeable movements where slamming and cyborg kind of percussions, resonant and pouncing pulsations as well as limpid spirals weave an anarchic rhythmic mosaic. It's wild, vivid and loud! I guess we can say the same for "Nurse Robot" which is a big electronic progressive rock with a lively and jumpy rhythm where percussions, riffs, keys and voices match their curt harmonies for converge towards infernal spirals. We note a similar approach on "Didnt Notice, Didnt Mind" which, on the other hand, is filled by superb solos from the Moog. These first two very bubbling and bouncy titles are faithful reflections of Quasar which is closer to the borders of electronic progressive rock than of Berlin School à la Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze such as plugged in the press information. This being clarified, it remains a rather interesting album. "Flut e Qencer: the Knight Songs" is a very nice track full of ambiance segmented in 4 parts. Variations on the same melodic thematic with a rhythmic approach sits on wide oscillating waves and edgy riffs where the glaucous ambiances breathe in the medieval tones of organ, "Flut e Qencer: the Knight Songs" progresses like 4 mini horror tales where the big Moog shapes sharp arias which hoot such as night-spectres on these ambivalent rhythms, sometimes cutting (Duel and Rebirth) and sometimes floating (Lamentation and Conjuration) where the guitars are melodious and the bass is intimidating.
"Flut e Sizer" laid on a stoical rhythm with percussions and keys à la Kraftwerk which hop on a melodious approach fed by a rather soft flute and a Moog to solos as spectral as twisted. The rhythm is limpid and the harmonious envelope, stemming from a fusion of organ and keyboard, reminds me of Peter Baumann on Trans Harmonic Nights. "Nothing but your Dream" and "Just a Part" are two heavy titles where percussions and voices weave very rock progressive ambiances which the Moog converts into more electronic structures while "When the Shows Just Begun" is more of a ballad kind and exploits the more romantic elements of the Moog and the flute. This new edition of Quasar includes a bonus track, "Collected Jingles and Theme Songs", which (as its title indicates) is a collection of jingles and bits of songs. It scrolls fast and I imagine that the interest of it is for Mythos fans only and not for those who attempt to become.
A little as with Superkraut Live1 976, I continue my initiation into the very Krautrock universe of Mythos and especially of Stephan Kaske, a character still too much underestimated of the German progressive electronic scene. And so far I quite enjoyed my discovery. Quasar is a hard and very rock album where the Kraftwerk Teutonic rhythms are weaved in the robotic percussions and vocoders whereas that the ambiances melodic progressive ambivalences à la Jethro Tull dream up into the spectral and mesmerizing vapors of the Moog’s harmonies. An audacious mixture tinged with nostalgia which surprises and ends up by please, as far as we are opened to the roots of Krautrock. I just hope that Sireena Records will pursue the adventure. So, when can we expect Dreamlab and Strange Guys?
 Sylvain Lupari (2012)
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