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BRENDAN POLLARD: Live in Concert 2006 Part I (2012)

"Live in Concert 2006 is a great pre-sequel to his classic album Flux Echoes"

1 Aquatic Caplet 26:25
2 Fluxy, Flangey, Phasey Bollox 25:17


Each time I listen to an album molded in the nostalgic ashes of the somber sequenced movements of the analog years, like Tangerine Dream's Phaedra and Stratosfear, I have certain apprehensions. Was the vein be exploited enough to get out of it other interesting music? Brendan Pollard's Live in Concert 2006 is not made of original material. It’s an album of live improvised EM which had preceded the creative main lines of Brendan Pollard 's master work; Flux Echoes released in 2007. Recorded within the framework of the E-Live festival of Eindhoven, Holland, in October 2006, Live in Concert is a journey in the heart of the musical memories which subjected so much the lovers of electronic progressive music of the 70’s. It’s also a journey in the rhythms and atmospheres of the key album which was going to become the pass of Brendan Pollard in the circle of the immortal of contemporary EM.
Divided between its psychedelic phases and its evolutionary sequenced rhythms "Aquatic Caplet" evolves as an architectural project in which bustles a Brendan Pollard at the top of his creativity. The intro is bothered by knocks of rows which shatter with brightness the stigmatized water and by big metallic knockings which ring in an echoing mist, stimulating the piercing shouts of a young bird molded in the tones of a synth freeing multiple hybrid tones. This sound envelope stuffed with ill-assorted and metallic tones will furnish the psychedelico-noisy phases of this long title with multi-form structures. Our ears, still under the shock of a din without music, discern a crystal clear sequenced movement which subdivides its twinkling keys. The sequences crisscross into a fine linear ballet that a resonant bass line bears of its soft hummings, drawing a fluid rhythmic approach which turns on itself and of which the harmonies weaved by synths swim in the harmonious souvenirs of Stratosfear and its chthonian choruses which roam beneath superb layers of enchantress flutes. The melodic approach is attractive and flows as a fine harmonious lasso which rolls in loops on a structure more and more livened up by a nervous and more accentuated sequential current. The rhythm put up by these subdivided sequences is fading little by little while "Aquatic Caplet" plunges into a 1st psychedelic and atmospheric phase where an outfit of tinkling sound effects are ringing in a nothingness filled by metallic breaths, paranoiac whispers and knocks of echoing bludgeons, calling back the experimental sonic phases of the Dream. And the rhythm resumes at around the 11 minutes with this line of resonant bass and these sequenced arpeggios which cavort and shine of an incoherent rhythmic approach that a delicate foggy flute caresses of its lethal veils. And so goes "Aquatic Caplet". Crossing 3 psychedelco-atmospheric phases, the rhythms are always flexible and delicate, drawn by sequences with keys which alternate and crisscross in tones of glass. They switch shapes, both in their forms and their tones, dragging "Aquatic Caplet" into delicious morphic dances that wandering choirs and dreamy flutes hug and support of a harmonious envelope pulled out of Stratosfear and Phaedra vestiges.
"Fluxy, Flangey, Phasey Bollox" is a title that was in the special edition of Flux Echoes . Based on the same pattern of "Aquatic Caplet", with atmospheric phases which boost rhythms moult by fine sequences modulations, it also starts with unreal atmospheres of an abstract sound world. The intro is stuffed by tones as much complex as ill-assorted that a bass line scatters of its resounding notes. A sequential movement takes shape and mold a hypnotic imperfect movement of spiral, while the other sequences escape and spread their echoing keys which dance in their echoes sieved by metallic tones. And it’s a dance of sequences which begin. More complex than "Aquatic Caplet", the rhythmic structure of "Fluxy, Flangey, Phasey Bollox" is assailed by good sequences which gambol excessively under very nice fluty layers. Here, the synth frees very good solos which spread a beautiful musicality into the fogs ethereal as intriguing. The rhythm switches shapes radically after the 1st atmospheric phase with a wild sequenced line which squanders its keys in a furious wave-like linear movement. The synth may aired soft solos that the oscillatory rhythm of this phase remains printed by a charming liveliness, like roller coasters in a Milky Ways. This wild rhythm continuous its race, beyond the 2nd psycho-sonic passage, before stumbling in a finale filled with tones so much abstract as the universe of EM can weave, for the biggest pleasure of our earphones.
This Brendan Pollard's album is mainly for fans of Flux Echoes as well as Tangerine Dream from the Baumann/Franke/Froese era. Without inventing anything new, the English synthesist follows the evolutionary tangent that brought him to his key album. In spite of some minors problems at the level of the limitations of the recording source, Live in Concert 2006 Part 1 offers a good sound quality as well as an EM which is at the height of the waits that we can have towards an artist who specializes to embroider his music in the ashes the best moments of an experimental Berlin School.
Sylvain Lupari (2012)

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