lundi 5 mars 2012

UWE RECKZEH: Unnatural Light (2009)

"Uwe Reckzeh presents another fine opus with varied rhythmic dimensions"
1 Fall Line (Mo´s Revenge) 6:55
2 Good Vibration 6:21
3 Wavelength 7:31
4 Metamaterial 5:39
5 Linear Polarized 7:39
6 Pure Energy (Boogie Mix) 5:16
7 Refractive Index 8:05
8 Annihilation 5:51
9 Radiation 7:30

Fine chords swirl like a musical carousel on "Fall Line (Mo’s Revenge)" opening. A soft minimalist movement surrounds itself by a fauna of miscellaneous percussions of which the bangs pierce a soft synthesized veil. The pace goes quicker on brief neurotic sequences, drawing a strange wave-like rhythmic structure on a synth with lyrical whistling which stick to the ear. Once again Uwe Reckzeh presents an opus with varied rhythmic dimensions in a superb musical atmosphere. On Unnatural Light we are far from the complex structures of EM. It’s a beautiful collection of 9 titles that we listen to and degust with a fine pleasure so much the musical universe in it is rich and harmonious. And this even with sequenced structures that clash from the melodious basis. Each title is presenting on intros more minimalist than atmospheric, turning figures as surprising as charming.
Fluttering notes open shyly "Good Vibration". Although poetic the synth is kind of gloomy and haunts a structure becoming more cadenced by a heavy wavy sequence and chords which tinkle in a musical universe loaded with almost symphonic synths. It’s a nice and cute title which catches on. In fact the whole musical universe of the German synthesist leans on beautiful melodies which stumble between the new and the old Berlin School. Like "Wavelenght" and its hesitant structure which moves on a hemming synth and some minimalist keys which hop on heavier synth eurhythmies. We would believe to hear TD’s ex Peter Baumann version 2010. "Metamaterial" is a wild race which leads on a heavy galloping structure and a vocoder stratified by a synth with strangely striking layers. It’s a nice piece of music which switches its cadence with a completely surprising harmonious heaviness, like on "Pure Energy (Boogie Mix)". Arpeggios on a rhythmic progression are dancing on the opening of "Linear Polarized". Hammering percussions and a synth with heavy layers overload this minimalist pace which sometimes isolates itself and sometimes joins a load and diversified musical fest. "Refractive Index" is a long minimalism corridor where drummed sequences are scatter on an atonal structure which wraps itself of a heavy melodious synth up until its finale, while "Annihilation" offers a structure which is more supported by a rhythmic similar to Eurythmic's Sweet Dreams are Made of This. It’s a minimalist structure which rolls in loops on beautiful synth stratas. "Radiation" closes Unnatural Light with a hypnotic and sinister tempo which progresses stealthily, veiled by synth layers and stratas that sound like good Tangerine Dream. A dark approach is covering the rhythm, with a vocoder which recites a fanciful rite in a chthonian ambience where the harmonies are outline on a beautiful melodious synth, just like all we hear on this beautiful 7th opus from Uwe Reckzeh.

Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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