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JUSTIN VANDENBERG: Synthetic Memories (2011)

"Synthetic Memories' beauty has of equal only its musical purity"
1 From Below (9:29)
2 When I Walk (4:08)
3 Synthetic Memories (13:06)
4 67 (8:17)
5 The Path (7:30)
6 Dusk (8:05)
7 Drops (5:16)
8 Cold Brightness (8:58)


Oh! This is a wonderful one. It’s a small marvel of contemplative music and a pure musical delight that Justin Vanderberg offers as his first opus on the Spotted Peccary label. Weaved on reflections and questionings of memories as well as their realities, Synthetic Memories is flowing as if by magic into our ears to touch the slightest hidden recesses of our soul. It’s a majestic musical adventure which breathes by our bewitchment all throughout its taming. Synthetic Memories exudes tranquility on 8 titles with rhythms and ambiances which become entangled in a stunning symbiosis where morphic and oniric layers flirt with fine sequenced momentums. This 2nd opus from Justin Vanderberg is a masterpiece of poetry without words and a splendid album of an incredible musical depth which will know how to captivate your hearing as much as your feelings.
Astral winds and rustles jostle elements of life to introduce the wonderful "From Below", a track written with Jon Jenkins. Clanic percussions à la Steve Roach make their tom-toms resound through these synth waves which seem to caress spiritual water-waves, while a hypnotic rhythm submerges our aura. Fine guitars chords dawdle in ethereal atmospheres, drawing thin loops which float and run on a rhythm set on pulsations and hammerings became louder and heavier. This rhythm faces the emotional amplitude of our soul, while crystal clear notes of piano leap out from the forgetting to forge a melody lost among the ancestral rhythms which dance in these morphic atmospheres, sculpting musical souvenirs as distant as the first works of Patrick O'Hearn and those, more desertic, of Steve Roach. Doubtless one of the most beautiful track of 2011, "From Below" is bursting with passion and emotivity to reach its paroxysm in a finale that capsizes our last expulsions of passion. "When I Walk" follows the angelic ashes of "From Below" with a beautiful melodious approach where the notes of piano run with drummed pulsations under the breaths of an iridescent synth which push its astral waves towards the intro of "Synthetic Memories". The title-track of Synthetic Memories is also its heart. The peak of emotions converges there to filter doubts which will go out on more moderate and more poetic titles. But for the moment, the longest title of Synthetic Memories awakens its sequenced pulsations from the iridescent claws of a morphic synth. They run and undulate with delicacy, espousing the curve of the sinuous waves which blow such as enslaved choirs, mixing marvellously the ethereal elements and drummed sequences in a musical canvas where the constant rhythm adopts the tranquility of ambient elements. Pulsating sequences may be proud oneself on other pulsations more heterogeneous, metallic and cawing that it’s not changing at all the mood of serenity which prevails throughout the soft rhythmic evolution of "Synthetic Memories".
Fine oscillations modify subtly the long journey of "67", a pure ode to serenity where we perceive the clear influence of Steve Roach on Justin Vanderberg's ambient movements. Fragile, crystal clear arpeggios tinkle punctually and follow the fine inflections which feed this oblong linear movement where suave floating lines undulate and get enlacing into beautiful and dark angelic breaths. These crystal clear arpeggios are the core of the morphic and sequenced melodies that we find in Synthetic Memories. They glitter and swirl with the grace of the winds on "The Path", another good subjecting title where sequences of glasses spin around fine drummed percussions and around heavy silvery winds. With its slow morphic but all the same rather musical phases, "Dusk" transports the dusts of its slow and dark winds towards the melodious peace of mind of "Drops" and its notes of piano which fall with a beautiful effect of canon in a curious cerebral carousel. A beautiful melody escapes from it. Playing on mathematical keys, it slips into our ears with a virgin innocence to continue its tinkled road towards the musical tremors, the dark and iridescent winds of "Cold Brightness", concretizing the subliminal beauty of this wonderful opus that is Synthetic Memories.
I know that I tend to become passionate sometimes and that my emotions a bit juvenile resurface when my ears cross a work of such sensitivity. If Synthetic Memories from Justin Vanderberg is not typical of heavy sequenced works, the fact remains that its beauty has of equal only its musical purity. With its skilful dosage of oniric rhythms and celestial ambiances, Synthetic Memories will jostle your emotions. Doubtless the most beautiful musical work of 2011, Synthetic Memories is an imperative which has to be in your record collection, and that no matter if we are followers of heavy or ambient Berlin School because it’s a perfect symbiosis of 2 these genres but with more depth and limpidity.

Sylvain Lupari (2012)
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