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VARIOUS DiN: Index 02 (2005)

''Index 02 is a great compilation which airs all the available styles on DiN''

As its title let it guesses, Index 02 is the 2nd compilation of the DiN label. Following the same rule as Index 01, Ian Boddy carefully chose, mixed and edited 2 titles from the 9 albums released on DiN after Index 01 (DiN10).  It results from it a superb blend of styles which floods our ears with18 titles all so different which become entangled in an impressive musical canvas of 77 minutes.  Making of Index 02 an edifying witness of what brews in the corridors of DiN!
Subsonic Experience and Präposition’s "Regained Paradise" opens the ball. The rhythm is heavy, fluid and incisive. It runs with fury on an intense and wild mixture of percussions and beneath a sky gaily-coloured by streaks and strata coming from guitars and/or synths which tear the musicality with powerful hootings. Markus Reuter and Ian Boddy’s "History" calms things down with an odd bed song of which arpeggios of glasses swirl besides fluttered percussions to a surprising spiral as colourful as melodious. Dbkaos’ "Hydrosphere" brings us within floating corridors where chthonian breaths roam among glaucous and supernatural ambiances. Following are Ian Boddy's cosmic waves of  "Ecliptic" from the Chiasmata album. The rhythm is soft, to the limit very hypnotic, and is finely drummed inside a circle of crystalline arpeggios. A short introduction into the morphic spheres of "The Mystic" from Boddy’s Aurora album leads us to the tribal and intriguing rhythms of "Edge of Nowhere" from the duet Boddy / Rich. It’s very good title which mixes the subtlety of the soft clanic rhythms and the ethereal atmospheres of the Steve Roach's glaucous musical world. In the same stride, but with more vigour, dbkaos proposes a title as cheerful as experimental in "After the Migration". It’s the kind of track which asks that we investigate a little more this duet to very heterogeneous tones. "Arcturus" from Arc really doesn’t need presentation. But just in case, this is heavy and somber Berlin School in which Ian Boddy made a good editing with 2 tracks to antipodes of rhythms and ambiances.
The title track "Aurora" continues its astral surge with a wonderful divinatory melody, while the title track of Chiasmata shows a more aggressive Ian Boddy with good percussions which hammer a heavy and slow rhythm. A rhythm encircled by fine sequences which flutter in a beautiful harmonious pattern. Ian Boddy marinades skilfully the genres on Index 02, so the rhythm a bit funky and groovy of "This Life" from Reuter / Boddy’s Pure clashes from the morphic moods of "Tuning Out" from Boddy / Rich’s Outpost which really gets out of the clanic and floating territories of Steve Roach. The musical universe of Ian Boddy and Bernd Wöstheinrich is very coloured and set by spontaneous rhythms which skip and teem in beautiful synth layers. Stemming out of the Moiré album, "Moiré" and "Smash and Grab" are 2 titles for ears found of a parallel musicality and of which the attentive listening allows us to discern a stunning sound fauna. "Treasures of the World" makes us discover the other face of Präposition with an enchanting ambient rhythm where percussions prevail beneath superb synth layers filled by tones of old organs. It is simply delicious! It’s in the twilights of Blaze, the 2nd opus of Arc on DiN, which ends Index 02 with 2 titles to diapasons of their antipodes. If "Silent White Light" is dreamy and ambient, "Corrosion" drags its heaviness and its slow rhythm in the ashes of some good Redshift.
From glaucous to ethereal ambient while passing by heavy Berlin School and a more creative and a more progressive EM. Index 02 is a great compilation which airs all the available styles on DiN. There is for all tastes and styles which beneficiate of a good mixing and editing from Ian Boddy who which tangles all its rhythms and atmospheres with a master’s hand. A little as if Index 02 would have been the fruit of a single artist. And don’t forget; it’s free on Bandcamp
) until 01/01/2012.  After that, you will have to pay and still, it will be a good investment!
Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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