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''Mind TRIPS is a wonderful album where Syndromeda combines superb sequences and forge delicious mesmerizing rhythms.''

Beyond the Horizon of the Mind 19:23
a) Flight to the Unknown
b) The Unexpected Arrival
Hypnotic Dreams 15:30
The Dark Side of the Mind 14:14
Over the Edge 15:00
Asian Memories 6:10

SYNSIN 199701

Mind TRIPS is one of EM great albums to have passed unnoticed. Thus I take advantage of my chronicle about The Rise of the Darkness to give you the opportunity to discover this 5th Syndromeda album. A powerful album of which constantly evolving structures bring rhythms and melodies near the unexpected. And if you don’t have that album yet, got get it because you really do miss something!
The first breezes of "Beyond the Horizon of the Mind" float in a morphic atmosphere with a multitude of synth lines which come and go lazily above a sound fauna soaked with a variety of tones, as cosmic as electronic. A subdued pulsation sets a pace which beats weakly beneath this thick cloud of synth lines, among which one sounds more threatening by sweeping the horizon of a resonant wave while others are more lyrical with angelic breaths and lamentations. It’s a slow floating swirl which follows a fine gradation with a bass line which wraps the pulsations in its fine fatty curves. Little by little the rhythm goes out of its cosmic hibernation to explode a little after the10th minute with a deep sequential movement which waves its nervous chords under torrid twisted solos. Flickering cymbals and undisciplined percussions strikings twin to this sequential movement which subdivides its line, forging two furious rhythmic structures which skip under smooth poetic solos, a bit as Edgar Froese in Stuntman. And the rhythm continues to increase with a movement filled of curt and more incisive curves which undulate beneath solos became more electronic. It is simply wonderful! And it is still better when we pump out the volume. The 2nd part will tear out the paint of your walls. A more resonant synth line opens "Hypnotic Dreams". It widens its tone up to a cradle of sequences which waves finely, shaping a hypnotic tempo which will beat all along the evolution of "Hypnotic Dreams". The atmosphere is mesmerizing with sharpness synth solos from which tones of angelic trumpets cover this soft minimalist swinging. These kinds of solos or synth breezes wander here and there on Mind TRIPS, bringing a sort of symphonic touch which suits very well the deepness of this great album. Cymbals and bass-drum pulsations support this curious military march which increases slightly its pace with drum rolls, setting a faster pace. A little after the 7th minute, this aliens parade gets out of breath. Vocoders à la Neuronium (Chromium Echoes) re-introduce the march with curt sequences which mould a jerkier rhythm. And we fall in a superb canvas of crisscrossed sequences which roll and tumble down, on behalf of diverse tones. This portion is gigantic with this mixture of sequences, glaucous pulsations and percussions which shape a complex rhythmic approach. An uncertain rhythm which feels one’s way beneath nice synth breaths and great synth pads with tones of organ. After these 4 genius minutes, "Hypnotic Dreams" ends its hallucinating procession in the arms of its initial sequences which lull the rhythm of a delicate morphic approach. This track is another killer!
"The Dark Side of the Mind" plunges us into the somber lunar atmospheres of Syndromeda with an ambient approach which embraces a silent rhythm. The intro is stuffed with synth layers which tack and float in a state of weightlessness, surrounded by an eclectic sound fauna and furtive whispers hardly audible. Gradually, a gravitational intensity is forming with synth pads which jump in loops before joining sequences, bass-drum pulsations and strikings of percussions, forging an incisive static tempo which will come haunting the dark quietude of "The Dark Side of the Mind" and its soft fugitive solos. Segmented in 3 phases, "Over the Edge" is another great musical moment with crisscrossed and parallels sequential movements which structure diversified rhythms. A fine oscillatory sequential movement lights the intro, awakening another sequence of which crystal clear chords jump under heavy and resonant pulsations. This other subdivided sequential approach introduces rhythms and harmonies which move on opposite direction, leading sarcastic and lugubrious vocal samplings; I have a Dream and I still have a Dream. Rattling percussions, limpid sequences, curt percussion strikings and torrid solos flood a rhythm waddling in a mixture of innocence and fury before it gets lost in a more electronic phase with a violent sequential movement (6:17 min.) which accelerates the pace under a vocal sarcasm(Or is it a Nightmare) and a sky stuffed with electronic tones. It’s a stunning sequenced approach with parallel lines which crisscross and pulse with sharpness and fluidity in a passage covered by a sound fauna and threatening electronic radiations. The rhythm stops dry at 10:42, diving into a lunar phase and waddling again above alternating sequences, strikes of incisive percussions and twisted solos. Elements which had fed its introductory approach. "Asian Memories" concludes Mind TRIPS in a delicious tribal approach where tablas percussions mould a suave igneous rhythm. A sands dance which sway hips subtly in the shade of timid solos, soft ethereal blows and heavy buzzing pulsations, leading Mind TRIPS towards more clan territories.
Mind TRIPS is a wonderful album where Syndromeda combines superb sequences and forge from them delicious mesmerizing rhythms which jump up and pound, softly or with fury, in an electronic sound faun soaked with solos unique to the tones of the Belgian synthesist. It’s a brilliant album fed by these atmospheres so dark to Danny Budts' universe which draws off delicious melodies in his hybrid sequential approaches rich in new developments. There’s not even an ounce of slackening in Mind TRIPS. When it’s not the melody which sticks and charms, it’s sequences and percussions which attract the hearing and excite senses as well as loudspeakers, or still these lugubrious electronic atmospheres sieved by solos to multiple personalities and tones. Floating Redshift which lays besides a dark and melodious Tangerine Dream with Franke on sequencers, here is of what is made Mind TRIPS. A must have album

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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