lundi 19 décembre 2011

SAM ROSENTHAL: The Passage (2011)

''The musical union of Vicky Richard and Sam Rosenthal is breathtaking''

1 The Passage 44:29
2 Rae 10:12

It’s the very first time that my ears cross the music of Sam Rosenthal, founder of the American label of dark and ambient music Projekt. And I have to admit that I came of it my ears filled by a masses of immersive and meditative soundwaves from two instruments to the antipodes of their existences. The Passage is a dark and intimist work which accompanies us in the reading of our thoughts and our abstruse souvenirs. It’s the blackness in immobilism and a front door towards passages of our interior. It’s a kind of crossing between Steve Roach's Immersion series and the amazing Bernard Xolotl's procession. It’s as much beautiful as that can be dark and also fascinating that a union synth/ violin can be.
It’s the twilights of the most factual the title track brings us. A great combination synth and violins waves of opens the intro. A union which will lead us during almost the 45 minutes towards a strange lethal labyrinth. A mislaid bat lets his wings float violently in this blackness, adding an uncomfortable dimension to these slow morphic layers which float with an intriguing attraction. Little by little, she pursues her uneven flight towards distant horizons before disappearing and leave this slow immersive waltz wrapped our spirit. "The Passage" is a long passage of softness and blackness. It’s an intense dive into silence and its sighs of tortured souls. A little as if we were hidden in a longitudinal corridor without windows, openings and nor stemming to listen to winds complaining about darkness. Winds of which we can’t discern the singings of groans and of which fine and subtle spheres of influence brush our immobilism. We would believe being in the most profound abysses of Steve Roach's Immersion series with this thick cloud of layers darker than morphic which encircle the outlines of our imagination, sculpturing the fine oscillations which they form. "The Passage" is nearly 45 minutes of listening to these winds rolling our thoughts up to the doors of weak lights which come from it, a little after the 30 first minutes. We are entering then within the sanctuary of angelic soundwaves. Waves which abound in a soft luminosity and form fine arcs filled of melodies which refuse to emerge, preferring to protect the beauty of their hatchings. And quietly we float up to the doors of "Rae", there where everything is clearer and more serene. The musical union of Vicky Richard and Sam Rosenthal is breathtaking, so much it’s intense, enchanting and poetic. It’s more than the sun after the rain. It’s as a rainbow in the middle of the night. A magic place where even bats feed themselves near the iridescent lights.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream

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