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RON BOOTS: Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight (2009)

''Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight is another jewel signed Ron Boots!''

1 Cradle of Life 14:06
2 The Story 5:28
3 At the Dawn of Life 6:21
4 In the Skies 11:35
5 The Vastness of Space 5:31
6 Galactic Traveller 6:46
7 Sunrise on FarPoint Station 6:42
8 Heroes 6:53
9 Giants in the Skies 8:01

: GR-162

It is in a complete metallic anarchy that the first track ''Cradle of Life'' begins. Metal on metal, in an atmosphere stuffed with cosmic breaths, the track feels one's way along a corridor of harmony, moulded by choirs of which breaths become entangled in oblong synthesized strata. What could we expect more from an introductory title for a concert presented in a planetarium? Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight is the last one of a series of concerts that Ron Boots performed in planetariums during the last years. Accompanied by Frank Dorittke (F.D. Project) on guitars, the Dutch synthesist offers in Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight his vision of a parallel world with music which mixes deliciously ambient passages with numerous lively structures.
If ''Cradle of Life'' intro is caustic, its awakening and blossoming develops into a superb ambient passage worth of sublime landscapes of Chronos. A bass awakens a structure of tearful synthesized breaths next to a series of pulsations which plunge ''Cradle of Light'' towards a more progressive rock structure than electronic, fed by Dorittke's guitar, a good rhythmic mould from keyboards of cosmic insertions and percussions which hammer a steady rhythm. It's under the timeless loops of ''The Story'', which roll in loops in a cosmic corridor, that Ron Boots explains the vision of his musical conception around the album. A track that breathes on a quiet musical structure of flickering sound effects, which slides lovingly towards the superb ''At the Dawn of Life'' and its honeyed structure where the ethereal atmosphere of infinite spaces is living through a synth of crystalline arpeggios which float between two spheres, while a soft battery resounds its skins in the cosmic borders which illuminate our imagination. ''In the Skies'' dive directly towards a rhythm livened up by nervous sequences which hiccup a jerky tempo hammered by good electronic percussions, under a magnificent Mellotron coat. Synth solos fuse from everywhere and are joined by Dorittke's biting guitar which adds much more power to a loud and vigorous track, of which these solos cross a furious rhythmic which quietly runs out and cogitates in an ambient and caustic structure. Bouncing pulsations prepare a rhythmic revival which will be a bit less vigorous, but just as weightier with a very acuteness guitar which is moulding marvellously to Ron Boots' solos in what becomes a beautiful merger of electronic and progressive music. After the very atmospheric and enigmatically strange ''The Vastness of Space'', ''Galactic Traveller'' presents a somber pace sprinkled of hopping arpeggios which float in suspension in a cosmic universe where the synth sounds predominates by solos of apocalyptic breathes which scan the space of their intense musical beams. Contemporary Blade Runner on a very soft cosmic tempo.
After a morphic intro, ''Sunrise on FarPoint Station'' appears from cosmic mists with a series of percussions filled of echotic doubloons which shape rhythms with heavy pulsations, under the hold of an opaque Mellotron veil. A not so common track where the rhythm waves on a beautiful line of bass running in cascade, but which is in constant tightness with a stagnant nebulosity, where percussions of metallic flitting and an ochre synth are the beginnings of a strange cosmic melody. Very moving, ''Heroes'' is a title which depicts perfectly its conceptual orientation with a soft synth of juxtaposed breaths, among which one fits to perfection a solitary flute that whistles for its harmonies above Mellotron mists. Fine percussions resound with their echoes among fanciful choirs which shape with delicacy and compassion this melodious musical piece that reach its highlight with Frank Dorittke’s somewhat lonely guitar. One of the very beautiful melodies of 2009 where nothing is left to random, not even these small bells which coat ''Heroes'' of its so sensitive cachet. With its very Floydian feeling, ''Giants in the Skies'' is a skilful mixture of progressive blues and contemporary electronic music, with the excellent guitar of FD Project which spits heavy sensual solos and lascivious and heavy tempos where keyboards plunge us into the heart of Wish you Were Here.
Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight is another jewel signed Ron Boots. The Dutch synthesist offers a skilful mixture of an ambient electronic music, livened up by sober sequences, but supported by beautiful electronic percussions. There are wonderful titles in this work which caresses romantic steams of contemporary electronic music while flirting with a more progressive rock approach with Frank Dorittke's presence on guitars. A very beautiful album which is listed in my 2009 Top 10!

Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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