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ROBERT SCHROEDER: Esthétique (2011)

''Esthétique is pure Schroeder, the man who gave us albums to stunning musical paradoxes''

1 Neutron Swarm 6:09
2 Evaluation of Time 14:38
3 Structures 7:11
4 Esthétique 8:12
5 TimeShaver 8:30
6 Energizer 7:12
7 Oscillation 12:00

Esthétique is Robert Schroeder's 25th opus. And for this occasion the synthesist from Aachen gathered all of his musical personalities to create an album to musical tendencies strongly diversified. Musical genres which are inspired by his works of the vintage years, the more contemporary years and those of his alter egos; Double Fantasy or Food 4 Fantasy. Forged in the lascivious and mesmerizing rhythms of its 7 titles, Esthétique music floats in our ears with groovy, synth pop, mid-tempo and cosmic funk approaches which are lovingly wrapped in beautiful dreamlike and poetic synth layers. Rhythms and atmospheres which interlace softly in delicious lunar phases, with just it take to keep us awakened.
"Neutron Swarm" is the heaviest title of Esthétique. A kind of entrée for an album of which rhythms permute and decrease in a curious cerebral sensuality. On a heavy and semi-slow rhythm, "Neutron Swarm" plunges us straight ahead in the crossbreed universe which sits on latent sequential roots of Berlin School. Arpeggios of glasses resound in the furrows of an oscillating line of synth. Percussions get restless and draw a groovy rhythm besieged by electronic tones and voices as well as percussions which resound in clouds of mists. A bass line and tsitt-tsitt cymbals shape a hopping tempo which is stuck under delicious ululating strata from a cosmic synth. Sequences come along. They pound of their repetitive chords a motionless structure which becomes funky with a synth throwing fuzz-wah-wah riffs. "Evaluation of Time" transports us in a universe of dreams. The intro is filled by mist, analog tones and nice synth layers which embrace the futuristic and oniric tones of Vangelis. Fine bass pulsations draw elastic momentums and support some scattered Tablas percussions which feed softly the lascivious rhythm. A soft dreamy melody stands out beneath this dense coat of tones, while light riffs and brief solos of guitars float with a scent of Double Fantasy in this cerebral universe. The rhythm is soft. Floating according to solos, he gets up and fits to a kind of cosmic slow dance with its bass line and slightly pulsating percussions. A little as everywhere on Esthétique this rhythm is floating, a bit sensual and very poetic. A rhythm which gives the illusion to bite with teeth which cherish. Here, it’s at the doors of dream and submerged by morphic synth layers and sensual guitar drives. It’s more much special than it can be beautiful. With "Structures" we dive in a kind of mid-tempo with muffled pulsations and fine hollow tones percussions which draw a subtle fluid rhythm. Fine arpeggios shape a soft melodious approach which sings and whispers below nice solos, electronic effects and beautiful envelopes of sieved mist.
"Esthétique" intro is moulded in a sort of cosmic blues. Fine percussions hammer a delicate rhythm which is caressed by various cosmic winds. Those percussions become more numerous and subdivide their strikings which resound inside thin sequenced hoops. The lascivious rhythm is trapped inside a musical cylinder where composite tones roam on a pace which increases subtly to explode slowly of a more galloping rhythm. There, percussions strikings are confronted with strikes of an electronic xylophone, shaping two parallel rhythms which compete in a strange spiral of percussions. Riffs of guitars push the soft intro of "TimeShaver" towards another lascivious rhythm where delicate guitar chords and solos with soft ethereal layers and angelic voices sing and float in a dreamlike atmosphere, surrounded by strong muffled pulsations which frame the lasciviousness of a cosmic movement. Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride we can hear and indeed we do. Because the rhythm suddenly became denser and is fed by a thick cloud of electronic strata and streaks which fatten the increasing and floating structure of "TimeShaver"."Energizer" offers a great rhythm of the Caribbean Islands with delicious xylophone kind strikings which are surrounded by fine stroboscopic lines and wrapped with a synth filled by solos and hybrid winds and breaths. It is very beautiful and convincing. So much that we can fell the sand under our skin. "Oscillation" ends this last opus with this mixture of Robert Schroeder musical evolutions. This track is also featured on the excellent Bochum Live 2011 and amplifies the philosophy of the multiple musical orientations which celebrate this Robert Schroeder's 25th opus.
Esthétique! It’s pure Schroeder. Schroeder who gave us albums to stunning paradoxes and where modern rhythms succeed in atmospheres as much analog, dreamlike than sensual. We can also think of a recapitulative album which gleans the musical orientations of the man who gave us Harmonic Ascendant back in 1979 onto a period of more than 30 years. But no matter what, it’s another beautiful album from Robert Schroeder who likes to redefine his musical genre by investigating a little more the tones of future, on structures which always caress imprints of past.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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