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WELLENFELD:Phase V (2010)

''Phase V is moulded in the imprints of Wellenfeld first 4 opuses''

1 Sun Moon Stars (Intro) 2:18
2 Phase V 9:07
3 Cold Planet 8:27
4 Generator 6:03
5 Sonar  6:13
6 Freedom 6:53
7 Mirrors 7:51
8 Simple Colour 9:25
9 Another Way 9:11
10 Synthetics 5:21
11 Sun Moon Stars (Extro) 3:08

I quite like the music of Wellenfeld. Since Cosmic Waves, released in 2004, Detlef Dominiczak and Andreas Braun embroider some nice EM where pulsating percussions and crisscrossed sequences hold beautiful melodious structures. Melodies anchored in a cosmic broth, drawn by synths with harmonious chords and ethereal mist. And these are the same structures that we find on Phase V, the 5th opus of the duet which quietly took the place of Software in the firmament of the German cosmic and rhythmic EM. Weaved on 11 tracks which link together on great musical bridges filled of Jarrian textures, Phase V is a very good EM work which is accessible, without falling in the ease.
It’s in an electronic-cosmic ambiance that "Sun Moon Stars (Intro)" is opening. Black breaths propel outer spaces voices where metallic hoops lurch under a fine undulation of a melodious synth line. We can feel far away some rhythms emerged. They swirl in spirals, imploding quietly to resurface later on Phase V 10 other tracks, while "Sun Moon Stars (Intro)" pours its cosmic waves in the opening of the title track, "Phase V". A heavy sequential line gets out of cosmic limbs. Its keys quiver heavily and draw a long undulation of which oscillations are under the hold of iridescent spectral streaks. The rhythm is forming. Slightly jerky and stroboscopic, it waves under a beautiful envelope of mist and binds itself to good percussion strikings. With a heavy and enchanting rhythm "Phase V" swirls lasciviously like a slow cosmic down tempo, while the melodious approach is forged in hypnotic synth keys filled of harmonious and lyrical lines which sing and waltz among soft ethereal blows. "Cold Planet" is a great electronic-cosmic ballad which chains in a morphic intro à la Jarre, stuffed with rippling synth lines. A fine sequence shows and swirls in a heavy cloud of mellotron mist, drawing another rhythmic axis in the shape of spiral. Other sequences rise and support this slow rotary movement, merging two melodious approaches which swirl in opposite direction and overlap on fleeting ascending movements. And that's how that a superb melody is drawing in our ears. Hanging on to fine felted and metallic percussions, it waltzes nicely in stars flirting at passage with these crisscrossed sequences which cavort in an immense trap of mist. This fusion of hybrided sequences and pulsating percussions which feed slow structures, in the limit sensual, also find refuge on "Freedom" and the stunning "Simple Colour" and its more complex and progressive structure. Two other electronic ballads, with nice cosmic envelopes, which offer heavy undulatory and circular rhythms on mesmerizing ascending sequences.
Nervous and jerky sequences draw the spherical rhythm of "Generator" while pulsating percussions sink a hammering beat in our ears. It’s a slow and intense stroboscopic structure which encircles a beautiful melodious approach with arpeggios of twinkling crystal which shine in a wide rotary circle fed by a synth to philharmonic refrains. A track very near the soils of synth pop, "Sonar" borrows about the same rhythmic axis, but with a more nervous flow and more jerky sequences. Always submerged by intros and canvas so much cosmic, the titles on Phase V unfold as in an odd club of cosmic dance where down tempos and synth-pop merge marvellously. Heavier "Mirrors" unwinds a down tempo, a bit as the one we find on the title track, while "Another Way" roams between rhythm and ambiance with beautiful sequences which hiccup in the waves of a vaporous synth. The roots of "Synthetics" hesitate between synth pop and soft techno. Its curt, jerky and pulsating rhythm bears a beautiful melodious approach, the cornerstone of Phase V. A little as the introductory title, "Sun Moon Stars (Extro)" displays a more cosmic structure but this time the rhythm is more concise. A wave-like, pulsatory and a bit stroboscopic rhythm, layered by a nice electronic-cosmic
Wellenfeld’s Phase V is moulded in the imprints of the first 4 opuses from Detlef Dominiczak and Andreas Braun. It’s an excellent melodious album which maintains the charm of the seductive musical approaches in a beautiful fusion of rhythms and atmospheres. Wellenfeld presents us 11 tracks of a surprising beauty. Tracks which hook and seduce, and where tempos are quite similar but just with enough nuances to be bewitch. It’s a beautiful musical journey where sensual and mesmerizing rhythms are next to heavier and jerkier rhythms, while leaving a wide place to charming cosmic ballads. And at this level, "Cold Planet" and "Simple Colour" are inescapable, quite as the whole Phase V.

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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*If you want to know more about Wellenfeld, you can visit their Website here:
* There are 3 nice videos from this album on You Tube:
Phase V:
Simple Colour:


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