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WELLENFELD: Trip to Illusion (2006)

''Trip to Illusion is one of the nicest beautiful and harmonious opuses 2006''

1 Ring of Saturn 8:01
2 Moon 19 7:09
3 Black Hole 7:55
4 Ocean Air 8:03
5 Spaceroom XXI 7:19
6 Voyager 5:53
7 Helium 4:01
8 Starsurf 4:47

Wellenfeld is a German duet which makes EM since 2003. As indicated on their site, Detef Dominiczak and Andreas Braun have no intentions to reinvent the wheel but to bring their poetic and melodious touches into the universe of EM. Trip to Illusion is their 3rd opus. If Cosmic Waves had amazed a new public with strong and harmonious compositions, the 2nd opus Fusion left these new fans perplexed with a quieter work. Trip to Illusion depicts the maturity acquired by the duet since. It’s a harmonious album with superb arrangements and surprises on each title, giving though a proper identity to these structures, while respecting the melodious approach which had seduced the fans on Cosmic Waves.
A little bit as a symphonic prog rock, "Ring of Saturn" opens on pompous and majestic synths. The rhythm is weaved tightened on a melodious synth, with a symphonic side, where good percussions slam to support a fluid tempo which increases in intensity on nice wrapping strata to orchestral arrangements. Bordering Jarre sequencing style, the movement evolves on a good synth refrain which hooks immediately the ear. This opening track depicts very well the tone Wellenfeld. It’s a harmonious music with synths multiplying melodious lines to orchestral arrangements, sometimes wrapping and other times heart-rending, to create the maximum of emotion. And that works! Because without really exploiting progressive themes to different musical levels, Wellenfeld offers a sweet electronic music with light rhythms and convincing harmonies. "Moon 19" begins with a distant humming which introduces a melodious movement with a nice soft rhythm on fluid percussions. Pearled notes fly over this melody where another harmonious line juxtaposes to the one in place on nice orchestral strata.
"Black Hole" catches immediately the attention with its spiral tempo which circulates in rotation on dense synth layers. A groovy bass line takes the lead and solidifies a slow sensual rhythm wrapped with synth sounds effects which swirl gaily. Keyboard keys which come and go, in growth and degrowth, are totally brilliant. And this is one of the strongest points about Wellenfeld; the capacity to create unexpected musical bends. Giving thus to each track its unique character. "Ocean Air" would be commonplace without its circular synth which wraps and transports this title with emotion. It’s a quiet title with percussions going on opposite side, giving an uncertain sense to this nice melody. With "Spaceroom XXI", we enter into the atmospheric paths of Wellenfeld, showing that the Dutch duet gets a grip as much on the ambient side than on New Berlin School style. "Voyager" is a nice light track. Harmonious, notes flutter and ring in a universe streaked by layers of synth in violin mode. "Helium" is more hammering. It’s a heavy rhythm on good pulsations as well as clear notes which resound in the four corners of universe multicoloured of orchestral synths. More languishing, "Starsurf" sparkles on a downpour of sensual notes which flutter with laziness in a melodious firmament. It’s a sober and melodious rhythm enriched by small keys and arrangements here and there, creating a musical depth unique to Wellenfeld signature.
Trip to Illusion is one of the nicest beautiful and harmonious opuses to appear this year. A pleasant surprise which listens to attentively, so much the arrangements are unpredictable and inserted well. These are good compositions which should please to this new generation of fans for New Berlin School style and Synth Pop.

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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*If you want to know more about Wellenfeld, you can visit their Website here:

* There are 2 great videos from this album on You Tube:
Ring of Saturn:
Black Hole:

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