lundi 14 novembre 2011

WELLENFELD: Sunshine (2008)

''Why change a winning formula?''
1 New York 7:58
2 Onyx 4:49
3 Biowave 7:57
4 Klangfarben 6:06
5 Sleepwalker 7:50
6 Strings and Superstrings 6:33
7 Sine Fields 5:19
8 Neolectric 6:07
9 Callipso 4:48
10 Floating (Live) 6:06
11 New York (R-Cut) 4:20


Why change a winning formula? Sunshine is in the continuity of Trip To Illusion. It’s a lively opus which wears the signature of a key group from this new German vague of synth pop EM. We can say that it’s a kind of Kraftwerk but less robotics, more fluid and more melodious which is moulded in the electronic spheres of the Mellow Jet Records label.
"New York" starts this 4th opus of the Berlin duet with a frank and curt rhythm on stormy, nervous and slightly syncopated sequences. A catchy synth weaves crystal clear harmonies where sequential phases hang around on slow and harmonious mellotrons. This is nice and very musical synth pop, quite as "Strings" and "Superstrings", which roll back to front on strata which imprison the tempo without altering its dynamism. "Onyx" is heavier and more frenzied. It rolls on echoing loops on a musical synth with a slight fluty tribal zest and slamming percussions. It’s a dynamic track on zombie-trance kind sequences, as we find with "Sleepwalker", "Callipso" and "Floating". "Biowave" is kind of different with its languishing and sensual tempo revolving around a beautiful ascending sequence which winds a mellotronned Milky Way and studded with cosmic effects. It’s a nice spatial ballad which precedes "Klangfarben", the relaxing pearl of Sunshine with its strummed passages which flow in a rhythmic spiral as melodious as oniric.
Always showing some creativity, Wellenfeld tames a nebulous hip-hop approach on "Sine Fields". It’s a catchy title due to its groovy- funk approach with its chords multiplying their echoes in strata which drag its slow prowling rhythmic. And that is the Wellenfeld paradox; beat and good rhythm which kick away a sensation of wriggling heaviness in its fusion with synths filled by mellotron orchestrations. "Neolectric" defines itself this opposition of paces. It’s a heavy title fed of melodious strata which waltz on beautiful stroboscopic sequences, just like all what runs around Sunshine.

Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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*If you want to know more about Wellenfeld, you can visit their Website here:
* There are also 2 nice videos coming from Sunshine to watch on You Tube:
New York:

Sine Fields:

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