mercredi 9 novembre 2011

PATRICK O'HEARN: Transitions (2011)

''Transitions is a collection of musical poetries''

1 Reaching Land 5:21
2 Courage 3:21 
3 Playground 4:04
4 Restless 6:06
5 Patterns 4:44
6 Well-Mannered 5:32
7 Flight 5:15
8 Sea 5:29
9 Frontiers Revisited 4:48

A little like an old friend whose track and memories we had lost, Patrick O' Hearn comes by to visits us again with a wonderful gift, Transitions. A timeless journey or an insatiable desire to renew with his approach as melancholic as poetic, the multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles comes back to us after an absence of 5 years. Transitions is in the same stride as Patrick O' Hearn’s first works with dark melodies forged by hesitating keys and built around dramatic approaches. It’s a splendid album where Patrick O' Hearn uses his magic by unveiling all the magnificence of his harmonies which burst of an incredible musicality.
"Reaching Land" puts us in appetite with a somber and melancholic melody. Delicate and uncertain piano notes resound and stroll on a soft synth cascade which waves of its wavelets and supported by fine bass pulsations. A synth breeze blows on carillons, discovering subtle vocal which hang on to this long sigh and pushing this wonderful ode for solitary towards a slow rhythm decorated with maraca style percussions. Floating between romanticism and sensualism, dream and melancholy, "Reaching Land" espouses a bewitching down tempo that Patrick O' Hearn continues to embellish by attractive percussions. Sometimes felted and sometimes metallic, they insufflate soft dramatic run-ups wrapped by a synth of mist to soft lyrical breath, unique to Patrick O' Hearn’s musical imprint. A great stunning ballad. It’s slow, soft and sweet quite as "Restless" and its languishing bass lines. "Courage" continues to feature this gloomy melancholy with isolated piano which roam at edge of forest filled with mist. It’s sad and gives us food for thought, quite as "Well-Mannered" and its guitars duet spreading its notes in a state of distraction. We even hear sighs and rustles, reminding to us that angels can indeed stay up our shoulders. Limpid arpeggios swirl finely in a delicate spiral tattooed of iridescent streaks and "Playground" spins with tenderness beneath beautiful layers of mellotron violins. Violins which draw beautiful celestial flights with movements of waltz which wrap a strange carousel and a mesmerizing nursery rhyme for anxious nights. It’s quite fascinating.
Other crystal clear arpeggios open "Patterns". They sparkle in a static sphere, releasing an embryonic melody which remains imprisoned into a cocoon weaved in subtle harmonious variances, both in tones and forms. Piano notes escape from a circle of twinkling keys, drawing the somber approach of "Flight". Delicious the piano displays its notes, as petals of a rose falling, over a slow minimalist structure that a bass fine wraps of a soft moderate rhythm. Oblong and slow black strata weave a dark aura while fine notes of piano escape to roam in a heavy spectral ambience. Superb and very meditative, "Sea" drifts in a cosmic ocean where thoughts and torments get embrace in a slow ballet for those who aren’t missing. It’s beautiful, poetic and dreamlike. "Frontiers Revisited" ends Transitions with another great melody. More cheerful, it deploys a spiralled introduction to float on a mellotron cloud, hug by the soft notes of a lascivious bass and embellished by piano and marimba chords which sound as a disordered clock.
Simply magnificent! Transitions is a collection of musical poetries on solitude, dreams and torments of an uncomfortable introspection. As much musical as deeply poignant, this last opus from Patrick O' Hearn revolve around 9 tracks full of this musicality so diversified and so sensitive with upsurges  of a nostalgia fed at knocks of sighs. I adored Transitions. I was enchanted to discover in it these structures which had already bewitched me and whose existence I had forgotten with the wear of the years and of these memories which piled into the drawers of my memory. It’s a pure wonder that we taste the blissful eyes to be in pleasant company.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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