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FRATOROLER: Reflections (2010)

''Great sequencing with lots of Schulze and Schonwalder reminiscences!''

1 Early Reflection 17:15
2 Quarz 17:25 
3 Reflections 19:40 
4 Ant Race 5:40 
5 Mirror 3:59


Fratoroler’s Reflections has passed by quite silently for an album filled of so powerful rhythms. It’s with Filter-Kaffee 101 that I discovered that a copy of Mario Schonwalder was hidden somewhere; Frank Rothe. With Thomas Köhler he sets up the musical project Fratoroler and composes Reflections, an album heavy of rhythms drawn on powerful and ingenious sequences. The duet uses about the same instruments as Mario Schonwalder, the Schrittmacher sequencer and the Memotron keyboard, and releases a powerful first opus with wild and melodious rhythms which crisscross great electronic passages with lot of fragrances coming from the caustic years of Klaus Schulze and the analogue’s ones of Tangerine Dream.
Synth waves hatch to become intermingled in a sound fauna and get entangled around tones of an old organ. It’s in the caustic ashes of Totem that opens this new musical odyssey proposed by the emulators of Mario Schonwalder. Sometimes soft, sometimes icy these resonant waves float in a heavy mellotronnée mist like a strange waltz of spectres. After 5 minutes of an intro filled of lethal breaths a powerful sequence emerges and hammers a heavy hypnotic tempo. Sequences which pound out and flee from this heavy paralysed mist where resonant synth layers, twisted streaks to apocalyptic sirens breaths and spectral winds fustigate this heavy progressive waddle. These sequenced chords multiply and stumble in a splendid electronic epic where caustic sound effects and nice spiralled solos accompany this wild sequenced ride. A real sequenced monument "Early Reflection" dives at breakneck speed, switching around subtly its rhythmic axis beneath wonderful solos soaked of melodious approaches to end its race in atmospheres fill of eclectic tones that fed its introduction. "Quarz" is sculpted in a slow glass spiral. Like a musical carousel wrapped of a mystic and mist slashed of metallic streaks, "Quarz" moves with the slowness of ghostly movements to embrace from the end of its veils a twinkling sequence emerging from this caustic limbs. These glass chords multiply and swap in a fine crystal ballet which swirls among iridescent and hatched breaths as well as a dense mellotronned mist. Gradually this delicate sequential movement increases its cadence under heavy metallic streaks, of which chipped lines shape sharpened hoops, and delicate pulsations of a resonant bass line. Without precise rhythms and with keys falling with more insistence, "Quarz" continues to roam in a long timeless loop and to spin as a hypnotic merry-go-round with crystal clear tones. Like a perpetual dance of times which moves with so much delicacy under a thick cloud of breaths, iridescent layers and lines as well as some jolts which continue to feed its ambiguity.
The echo of fine pinched notes skips on heavy reverberations to open "Reflections". They dance on a fine fluty line and dress of fatter tones, while heavy resonant pulsations outline a hesitating cadence. Made of diversified tones and split by latent rhythms, the intro of "Reflections" bubbles in a puddle of heterogeneous tones before espousal a great wavy-like sequential movement. As a flying carpet, sequences wave and skip in a sound universe which amasses a package of recollections and tones that we don’t know for sure where to search in our souvenirs. Aromas of TD? Rhythms and synths à la Schulze? However this long minimalist movement to fine variations shines with sequences which change tones on a long hypnotic structure fed by these aromas which for a long time decorated the first works of psychedelicosmic EM. So much good that we throw ourselves in Klaus Schulze’s first works. "Ant Race" is a great electronic melody with sequences which fly and crisscross in a beautiful acrobatic choreography. Sequences which multiply and subdivide in an unbridled rhythm to dance frenziedly in the shade of a threatening synth among which waves and solos are tinted of an enchanting approach as melodic as melancholic. "Mirror" encloses this first opus from Frank Rothe and Thomas Köhler in a vaporous atmosphere. A heavy mist with iridescent particles belts the intro. Like a big menacing cloud on the point to explode, it moves slowly clearing a soft harmonious net floating adrift of a beautiful celestial wave. This soft melody escapes to convert this slow intro of "Mirror" in a more harmonious finale.
I was agreeably surprised by Reflections from Fratoroler. Frank Rothe and Thomas Köhler simmered a superb album which moves the roots of a movement which engendered Berlin School. Reflections is a skilful mixture of atmospheres and rhythms. Wild and hypnotic rhythms of which subtle permutations are wrapped by synths to layers and solos as mesmerizing as threatening. It’s a very good album which has only a single weak point; the quality of its production. The editing shows deficiencies at the level of the ends of pieces which are abrupt and without mitigations. That annoys a little because we have the impression to listen MP3 files which cuts 2 seconds before the real ending. I think that Fratoroler’s Reflections deserves a second life by a better mixing and an editing which would respect all its depth and subtleties.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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