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CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS: Twentythree (2011)

''Sharply more ambient Twentythree remains not less sharply remarkable''
1 Arecibo 9:20
2 System 7:31
3 Somewhere in Russia 8:36
4 Terpene 5:56
5 Inertia 10:33
6 VLA (edit) 10:01
7 Kensington Gardens 6:24
8 Held Together by Gravity 8:05


I read on Internet that Carbon Based Lifeforms was unpredictable. That the Swedish duet liked the diversity and that his first 3 opuses puzzled a public always subjected by the tetanised approach of Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad. And Twentythree strengthens these comments collected on the Web. After a colliding album (Interloper) where lascivious rhythms went alongside to cerebral atmospheres, this Carbon Based Lifeforms' 4th opus is a delicious ambient ode. An intersidereal journey among which 8 titles, independent one of the other, are filled up with latent rhythms, scattered voices and composite tones trapped and floating in dense and luxurious layers of multi-sonic synths. It’s a tale for cosmonauts, a breath of life for forsaken and, especially, a monument of floating music.
"Arecibo" initiates this stunning cosmic odyssey with a heavy black breath which drifts quietly towards spatial gaps. Such as flows of cosmic lava, synth layers to hybrid tones accumulate and invade the progression of this somber intro. These heavy and slow layers embrace in an oblong cerebral ballet where angelic breaths caress an implosive sound fauna and smother lost riffs which modulate a delicate latent rhythm. We would believe being in the heights of SteveRoach's astral territories with this multiplicity of synth layers to varied tones which sing and flow such as cosmic tributaries towards a powerful atonic crescendo to crash on the shores of an intersidereal beach. The cosmic waves of "System" are more crystal clear, more fluid and more acuteness. They flow and float such as morphic winds and arouse carillons, rattler tones pulsations and this amazing tonal flora which slumbers behind these synth curtains. This abundance of colourful tones, implosive rhythms, cosmic noises and poltergeists voices is one of Twentythree big wealth and provides a hearing curiosity which goes by increasing. "Somewhere in Russia" is an ode to contemplative solitude. Very moving with these poignant synth layers which juxtapose in a superb and slow oniric ballet, "Somewhere in Russia" draws emotions which pierce us with great mellotron strata revolving such as a merger of laments under a collection of unfinished rhythms. You got to hear these synth strata cry. They tear the soul! Floating synth pads rush and bump into each other to introduce "Terpene". Such as fluty loops they roll and wave, while reminding us how much beautiful is Steve Roach's Structure from Silence. Still there, one has to hear this sound fauna which tick-tocks under melancholic synth loops to appreciate the multi - dimensionality of Twentythree with this title which oscillates enter cosmic and oceanic serenity.
And so goes the erosion of Twentythree! Continuing between the ambivalence of the spatial seas and spaces, "Inertia" envelopes us with an immense coat of placidity with its multitude of intersidereal winds which wraps a stunning sound fauna filled of abstract tones. Voices of cosmic mermaids blow over synth chants, creating a delicious mixture of litanies as angelic as morphic which easily bring us close to a lethal sleep. And the more it goes and the more it’s beautiful! "VLA" is the most serene and warmest title on Twentythree. It’s a slow catatonic immersion of which heavy breaths display an aura of serenity over some fragmented spheres of influence and sound snippets which find refuge under the slow morphic oscillations. "Kensington Gardens" is at the doors of a promiscuite reality with a hectic neighbourhood life which has difficulty to make hear its tinkled uses behind a heavy background with syncretic tones. "Held Together by Gravity" encloses Twentythree with an approach tinted of a latent paranoia. We are hearing there whispers, carillons and curious sighs fomented, while synth layers become entangled to get unify in a very soft morphic ballet, chasing away quietly this smell of insidious madness which metamorphoses into an ode to the serenity of souls.
Sharply more ambient Twentythree remains not less sharply remarkable. The phenomenon Carbon Based Lifeforms transcends the universe of down tempo and ambient calcified by a radioactive sound fauna to shine with an incredible approach as meditative as cosmic. Twentythree is superb. Different from Interloper certainly, but as much delicious. It’s a long cosmic and oniric ballet, full of emotionalism and oblong synth layers to hybrid tones which retreat with surges of tenderness and tearing. It’s an incursion in the universe of poetic ambient, where alone Steve Roach throned with his titanic works. Recommended, and in full term!

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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