lundi 17 octobre 2011

MYTHOS: Unabsteigbar! (2010)

1 Live in Bochum 8:03 
2 Aloha Hawai 8:26 
3 EM-Breakfast in Bochum 11:04 
4 Unabsteigbar! 10:04  
5 Mythos Analog 6:36


Recorded within the framework of the electronic lunches, in the city of Bochum on December 16th, 2009, this new Mythos EP is in the same vein, and even a little more audacious, as Gallery Concerts. It’s a mini concert that is quite explosive for a lunch.
A sinuous reverberation opens "Live in Bochum". Hopping keys scroll in loops and are subdivided to create a series of chords which finds its harmony in a delicate minimalism echo. A synth line escapes from it, humming a melody triturated by slamming percussions, a vocoder, orchestral crashes and these infinite sequential loops which tumble on a synth of which twisted solos can’t be count  no more. A heavy track, livened up by feverish sequences and audacious solos, opens the menu of this musical lunch where Stephan Kaske displays all of his complex sound creativity with a master’s hand. Because Mythos’ music isn’t what we can describe as easy to imagined. It’s music rich in tones and rhythms of which the main rule is the duality of harmonies in front of a very heterogeneous musical contingent. "Aloha Hawai" is a good example. A pulsating sequence livens up a suave cadence centered on a fine line of bass. This soft rhythmic, with a slightly xylophone sound, is constantly sprayed by big serpentine sounds and percussions with uneven flows while the synth is structuring a robotic voice among light arpeggios which are dawdling in a sound fauna to short melodious fragments which are constantly fragmented. It’s a very experimental track which seduces with its sequential lines and sound multiplicity. "EM-Breakfast in Bochum" is the piece of resistance of this EP. It’s a very good track with a hesitating tempo which, gradually, gets dressed of its most beautiful sound assets which is multiplying ceaselessly. A nice structure where the harmonies fuse from everywhere on desynchronized sequences which remind cat steps of a drunk cat roaming in a rich musical universe on a minimalism and hypnotic movement. An excellent track! "Unabsteigbar!" follows with its synth-pop approach immerged in a psychedelic electronic universe. Halfway between Jean Michel Jarre and Daft Punk, Unabsteigbar! Swarms of a synthesized life in an eclectic universe, while maintaining its dance-floor beat. "Mythos Analog" encloses superbly Unabsteigbar! with a slow pulsation which progresses lazily in a musical world as rich as heterogeneous where strange synth solos shape an at once strange and enchanting sound world. The more the track progresses and the more it forms itself of a sound wealth which doesn’t stop charming, as these flittering wings which fly over and float everywhere over a sequence of which the heaviness doesn’t affect its magnetism and which remind these old galleys where slaves rowed.
Unabsteigbar! is some very good Mythos. An ingenious and creative Mythos which always maintains its balance between traditional EM, synth-pop and the psychedelic approach as much attractive as intriguing. A bit less accessible than Gallery Concerts, due to its very audacious arrangements, Unabsteigbar! will know how to charm Mythos’ fans and the followers of an EM which stretches its charms until the limits of psychedelic and metallic Krautrock.

Sylvain Lupari (2010)
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Here's Mythos Website, where you could hear some MP3 snippets:

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