mercredi 5 octobre 2011

GEIGERTEK Endless Night EP (2010)

1 The Visitors 4:53
2 This Man 4:41
3 Youth 3:53
4 Picture in Eyes 6:38
5 Total Pain 4:20
6 How Do You Dream 5:17


Endless Night is a significant title for an event in which Neil Fellowes was invited to participate, be an evening concert where he would perform synth-pop and electronica music styles at the Artificial 01, held in Norwich on August 21st 2010. An evening that Neil, the man behind Geigertek, would have wanted eternal. But the synthesist of Norwich suspected very well that the music of The Timeless Mind would not really fit to this event. Very strongly inspired by the new wave movement and the synth-pop à la Ultravox, Gary Numan and The Human League, Neil searched his archives in order to find music he wrote a few years before and which would be more suitable for this event. He thus composed nearly 40 minutes of music that he wanted to publish and when he asked for advice from David Wright about publishing,  David suggested that AD Music could published it. An audacious gesture which still widens the much diversified catalogue of the English label and a mini album completely unexpected, but secretly wished, in Neil Fellowes' career.
Endless Night begins with a title very near Ultravox’s style. After a rather ethereal intro, "The Visitors" pounds of a hopping sequential movement, wrapped by nice layers of a foggy synth. Neil Fellowes’ voice emerges. Surprising, he is suave and tinted with a surprising melancholic approach. The first thing that comes in mind is John Foxx and Ultravox. This feeling will follow us throughout this EP where the rhythms and melodies are strongly inspired by Ultravox and Human League, as on "Youth" and the beautiful ballad "Total Pain" where Neil Fellowes amazes with a very moving voice. "The Visitors" quivers and pounds on a good sequential movement and a heavy bass line which support a well structured melody. This is some good synth-pop, as "This Man" where the use of Vocoder bring us near Kraftwerk but with a more moderated tempo and a good synth line to spectral surges. With its ambivalent structures "Picture in Eyes" is the most elaborated track on Endless Night and the one that gets closer to The Timeless Mind's universe. Stuffed with heterogeneous synth winds, the intro transposes on a beat box which rolls percussions and hammers a steady rhythm surrounded by breezes of a synth to crier solos. Heavy, the synth wraps a line of sequences to crystal clear and wriggling chords which skip as xylophones fed to steroids, a little as Tears for Fears. Neil Fellowes’ voice is surprising and the melodious structure is catchy with abrupt movements, harmonious permutations and nice arrangements. IMO, it’s THE track on this EP. "How Do You Dream" encloses this whim of Geigertek with a furious rhythm where Neil voice amazes and fleet of ease among synth layers covers a tempo to hypnotic pulsations but frenzied sequences.
How to approach Endless Night? Well as me! Without waits and with a certain apprehension where we discover finally that the new wave period is an awkward souvenir which is good to remember. Endless Night confirms the very melodious approach that Geigertek had demonstrated us on The Timeless Mind, except that there are vocals and that Neil Fellowes is doing pretty good. It’s a nice EP which will please John Foxx and Ultravox nostalgics, as well as Human League, Reproduction and Travelogue area. I liked Ultravox and I quite liked this small musical journey of Geigertek in my memories of the new wave years.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream

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