lundi 19 septembre 2011

TANGERINE DREAM: The Gate of Saturn (2011)

1 The Gate of Saturn  8:32
2 Logos 2011 6:36
3 Cool At Heart 2011  6:23
4 The End of Bondage  5:31
5 Vernal Rapture  7:22

Distributed during the English concert at The Lowry in Manchester on this year’s 28th of May, The Gate of Saturn is the 9th edition of the CupDisc series. A very good CupDisc I have to say, where Froese’s gang offers a great nice EM rock approach with 2 very good new tracks, among which the striking "Vernal Rapture", and 2 rather good  re interpretations of the Dream catalogue.
With its soft and strange melody which tries to hatch from a dark and hesitating structure, "The Gate of Saturn" presents an intro which soaks in an ambiance torn by cosmos’ blackness and the Gothic spirits. The rhythm is slow and lugubrious, supported by a fine sequential movement which gallops wisely with felted percussions beneath hybrid synth stratas which decide between a melodious move towards the Gothic mysticism and the dark spatial elegiac. By moment, there are crescendo effects with a more insistent and heavy sequential movement which draws arcs of cascade floating between the spectral atmospheres of the heavy atonal synth winds and a cadence which waves with a restrained frenzy in an ambiance imprinted by mystery. "Logos 2011" presents the melodious part of Logos with this rhythm drawn of keyboard keys winding in loops and at high speed to subdivide on long synth solos. It’s a nice extract which offers nothing really new except that it’s Froesed with the adding of mellotron pads and choirs a little warmer than usually. Always as beautiful and delicate as on Melrose, "Cool at Heart 2011" enjoys better arrangements on this version. More than Froesed, the track offers a depth non-existent on Melrose. "The End of Bondage" is the kind of track which catches instantly with its wild rhythm. A rhythm provided by heavy and frenzied sequences which roll on a linear movement surrounded by very fickle nice synth pads as well as by solos which float between pads and more aggressive passages. "Vernal Rapture" makes a great hit among the circle of members on the TDOC (Tangerine Dream Online Club) and with reasons. It’s a catchy track which starts with sequences and chords skipping and colliding in a static hesitation, before being absorbed little by little by lazy synth pads. A riff is making heard in distance and hits to give a new direction to "Vernal Rapture" which becomes a fiery electronic rock where crystal clear chords and hyperactive sequences split into furious minimalist doubloons in what we can call a frenetic electronic rock where sinuous solos which seem to don’t want to end anymore squeeze this unbridled cadence. A cadence which quiets down a bit, around the 5th minute, for a soft interlude where superb chords and sequences make of glass hammer a rhythm froze in its beauty, while hard-hitting gyrating sirens glance through with violence this wonderful hyper melodious interlude, making of The Gate of Saturn the most colliding CupDisc since Purple Diluvial

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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