lundi 26 septembre 2011

JEROME FROESE: Radio Pluto (2005)

1 Radio Pluto (7:30)
2 Friendship 7 (10:38)
3 Microchannel Surfing (5:12)

I have to admit that it takes me time to seize well Jerome Froese's very heavy and noisy musical universe. It’s on the tips of ears that I listened to Neptunes and Radio Pluto. But with listening strewed here and there, and the discovery of the very good Shiver me Timbers as well as the release of Nightshade Family, I plunged completely into the universe of Neptunes, and by rebound Radio Pluto, and I discovered in it a brilliant artist who didn’t just fit any more in the bend of the Dream and its Dante trilogy. An artist who, once freed from the yoke of Tangerine Dream, will explode with robust opuses. But Radio Pluto still stays very near the roots of the Dream. An E.P. which includes 3 tracks among which 2 will be on Neptunes.
"Radio Pluto" offers a rather ambient entrance with angelic choirs which emerge from winds of a synth to rich sound effects and subtle modulations. The rhythm wakes up little by little with percussions which collide, creating a metallic effect of echo among light chords which cavort around it. A fluid rhythm crisscrossing sound effects and which bursts more and more with more alive percussions and heavy riffs of a caustic guitar, before that it mixes up to an ambient mood and its ethereal choirs to conclude "Radio Pluto". Heavy and languishing guitar layers open "Friendship 7", a track with heavy musical imprints à la TD of Jerome years. Fine notes of an acoustic guitar roam there while a nervous hatched sequence encircles the intro. Fluids notes of guitar sparkle there while percussions mould a nervous tempo, decorated by good pads of a synth which diverts the rhythm towards a more ambient passage. And throughout its progression, "Friendship 7" will be divided between heavy rhythms, hammered by good and nervous percussions, and more melodious passages where guitars and synth are exchanging nice solos as aggressive as ethereal. "Microchannel Surfing" is a nice ballad which sits on a good guitar with melancholic notes and a suave synth to solitary breaths. The tempo becomes heavier with the arrival of good percussions which whip a slow rhythm, surrounded by a synth with nostalgic whistles. The rhythm lands into the twinkling mists of a cosmic synth which redirects the tempo towards percussions to strikes with a little Amerindian touch. These delicate strikings are accompanied by a synth to harmonious winds and a romantic guitar which releases its notes among a pleiad of heterogeneous sound effects.
Radio Pluto is a good E.P. which is not a necessity if you possess Neptune. Although very good, "Microchannel Surfing" isn’t worth the price of Radio Pluto’s download, which is already out of print and only available in this format. But if you don’t have Neptune it worth it, but I strongly recommend you to get Neptunes first.


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream

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