dimanche 11 septembre 2011

GERT EMMENS & CADENCED HAVEN: Life In Cosmic Highway (2011)

1 Vision Of Mind's Eye - Overture (4:23)
2 Distinct Memories (8:20)
3 Reflective Orbit (7:48)
4 Call To Meghna (8:54) 
5 Aural Empathy (7:20)
6 Incomprehensible Walk (7:52)
7 Illusory Reformation (11:20) 
8 The Quiet Steps (8:08) 
9 Vision Of Mind's Eye - Finale (4:21)

Groove | GR-179 (CD 68:44) ***½ (Cosmic Neetherlands School)
After a brief ethereal introduction, initiated by a Buddhist gong, "Vision of Mind's Eye – Overture" deploys a heavy rhythm centered on good strikes of percussions and a sequential movement to fluid chords which wave with a somewhat muddled symmetry, unique to Gert Emmens' musical universe. Cadenced Haven's celestial voice, as well as synth winds, blows a delicate harmony which floats in opposition to this slow and heavy rhythm. . "Vision of Mind's Eye – Overture" kicks out this enchanting album to delicate and melodious atmospheric approaches which are supported by Gert’s nice sequential movements. Constantly torn between morphic and ethereal ambiances, which mainly forge the introductory movements of every track, Life in Cosmic Highway vacillates between the ambient and rhythms based on Gert Emmens’ sequential approach as well as a good drumming which surround suave and oniric approaches of synths or Cadenced Haven vocals.
"Distinct Memories" is a very good example. It’s a delicate cosmic ballad imprinted of a poignant melancholy forged by synth lamentations. Synths pushing solos which sound as solitary saxophones are thread one's way through a mellotron mist, moulding some soft orchestral arrangements and melting in soul greyness. A fine sequential movement slides under this structure and establishes a floating rhythm which gets free of its stationary hold with the arrival of heavy and slamming percussions, plunging "Distinct Memories" in a livelier finale. A similar structure is also on "Call to Meghna", from which slow and morphic synth layers cry in their solitude, reminding even Cocteau Twins’ Pie Jesus on synth winds and moving reverberations à la Vangelis, before this tenderness morphic be perturbed by a sequential movement which espouse sulphurous orchestral arrangements and suave synth solos signed Gert Emmens. Here is a superb track where ethereal sweetnesses are slowly awakened by sequences and percussions, as in "Aural Empathy". Fine metallic percussions slam among spectral synth winds and "Reflective Orbit" dives into a heavy and slow rhythm, embellished with some scattered chords and with nice cosmic solos. Impromptu percussions, knocking in some soft metal, trouble this delicate approach as melodious as cosmic pushing a bit "Reflective Orbit" of its harmonious path. We are in Gert Emmens' best of worlds with its uncertain rhythms which perturb a delicate cosmic approach while "Reflective Orbit" will alternate its movement between the sweetness of synths with floating waves, its limpid sequences which cavort around some nice and soft ethereal movements and its heavy percussions which draw a fragmented structure but always soaked by an astral sweetness.
"Incomprehensible Walk" is a solid track which plunges us downright into Gert Emmens' universe with its sequences and percussions dividing a cosmic rhythm fed by nice solos which fly over another synth structure. It’s a complex track where sequences and percussions hammer rhythmic fragments which always return in the home of Emmens' cosmic harmonies. Enchanting and symphonic synth winds become entangled to sinuous reverberations in a musical universe where the imprint of Vangelis can be feel again open "Illusory Reformation". A soft and dreamy intro that a heavy sequence strummed to make it toppled over of its ascending and undulating movement, towards another more agile and limpid sequence. A sequence in à la Tangerine Dream which criss-cross a low hypnotic pulsation and drags "Illusory Reformation" towards a more fluid rhythmic structure, fed by split sequences which skip in a soft frenzy among sober percussions, a bass line to big peevish notes and a dense mellotron envelope. It’s a superb and very lively minimalist movement which nests among nice solos of a hybrid synth, allying sobriety and boldness. "The Quiet Steps" is another small musical pearl which blooms on a heavy rhythm. A rhythm where percussions and sequences mould a slow structure but fervently livened up, as each of the track on Life in Cosmic Highway. The sequential approach spreads out its long flickering loops which encircle Gert Emmens' rhythms, supported by fine percussions to tones of glass and slow synth twists which add a stalk of cosmic romanticism to the music of the Dutch synthesist, while the rhythm faints and that "The Quiet Steps" reinstates the tranquillity of its intro. "Vision of Mind's Eye - Finale" encloses Life in Cosmic Highway with a more morphic and cosmic version than the introductory track, bringing us to the very romantic breezes of synths to tones of Vangelis that we find on "Call to Meghna".
This 1st Emmens/Haven collaboration offers a more oniric and sharply more harmonious album that Gert Emmens is used to offering. Although I like Gert Emmens' unpredictable rhythms, I have to admit that Life in Cosmic Highway exceeds my expectations; me who believed to hear Cadenced Haven to invade the universe of Emmens. No! In place we are entitled to a skilful meshing of ideas, rhythms and melodies centralized on Gert Emmens' unique sequential universe. Different cause more melodious and oniric, Life in Cosmic Highway doesn’t put out at all the creativity of Gert Emmens who rather uses a lot the sensibility of his love one to forge an album where rhythms espouse with wonders the astral sweetnesses of Cadenced Haven. It’s very good and for sure still very Emmens!
Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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