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ROBERT SCHROEDER: Bochum Live 2011

It is within the framework of ceremonies surrounding the prestigious ceremony for EM industry, the "Schallwelle Award", that this last opus of Robert Schroeder was recorded. An intimist concert where only 250 spectators were invited to this offering of the musician and electronic music equipments creator/designer who revealed a new equipment of its already very well furnished arsenal. For the occasion, Robert Schroeder was seconded by Gigi Frieg on drums and Bernd Kistenmacher for the Dreamland parts. An offering? Absolutely! Together, this evening trio makes us travel in Robert Schroeder's musical universe where the first impulses Berlin School EM style were there, accompanied with more contemporary and groovy approaches of the famous synthesist of Aachen.
The first stammerings introducing "The Way to Cygnus A" are making heard in a silence as opaque as oblivion from where only some weak coughs can be hear. With a title as that seductive we guess of what it will turn into, with reason and especially without deception. A dark wave emerges, tracing the sober floating linear movement of the legendary Galaxy Cygnus-A to which will hang fine synth lines which undulate and vacillate among an astral choir and superb fluty breezes. Resonant serpentines turn around choirs in suspension, giving the start to this wonderful sequence that has so much put to sleep our dreams and "The Way to Cygnus A" takes off of a rhythm actualised by good percussions which roll and strike a tempo became groovy. A tempo skipping slightly and supported of a nice and suave bass line which wraps this minimalist sequence to duped the hearing, as the softest of ear worms, where laments and shrill twisted solo bring us back to the first cosmic beginnings of Galaxy A Cygnus-A which undergoes here quite a whole musical restructuring. A temporal rendezvous where synth solos are more caustic and the rhythm more lively, in particular with this solo of glockenspiel which has strengthened the charm of this surprising musical sculpture that neither the time, nor the modifications, won’t wear it out. It’s simply wonderful! "Oscillation" presents us the best of Robert Schroeder’s musical worlds and skips quite slowly among ashes of "The Way to Cygnus A" with an intro with very analog tones. The rhythm is drawing on fine pulsations which beat a good pace while being girdled by fine synth laments, unique to Schroeder’s metallic cosmic universe. The rhythm accelerates with the arrival of keyboard riffs and more steady percussions which are supported by a kind of techno (tschitt tschitt) cymbals, embracing a fine atmosphere of soft techno. The synth goes with nice ethereal solos there, while the drum is pounding a rhythm which borrows a minimalist tangent and that keyboard keys which dance here add a melodious approach. Still, Robert Schroeder's universe is multicoloured of silvered streaks criss-crossing in a musical firmament which gradually takes refuge in the vapours of a cosmic world where everything turn in slow motion, subjected by Schroeder voices who whisper among sound effects of a track which becomes the meeting point between the very Californian tones of Double Fantasy and the cosmic and poetics universe of Robert Schroeder. And slowly, "Oscillation" gets out of its cosmic limbos to re embraced its enchanting tempo of its opening, guiding the listener in the minimalist plains fed of delicate synth riffs.
"Dreamland Prologue" transports us in the universe of Klaus Schulze and his sulphurous PTO from Body Love. It’s a super track built on a vacillating synth wave, where delicate piano notes and synth solos are entwining among shooting stars and a pure moment of magical philharmonic cosmic that goes intensifying in "Dreamland" crosshatched riffs. Riffs that shape a sequential movement supported by fine percussions which permute into hard drum beatings whereas that heavy synths shout melodies to airs of trumpets, unifying the worlds of Schroeder and Double Fantasy on an odd rhythm to Hawaiian fragrances. Superb and quite original, "Dreamland" evolves on a rhythm weakened by the appearance of a piano which throws its melodious notes on a rhythm which quivers and skips according to the strikes of a wild drum."Dreamland Epilogue" closes this short concert where the time has stopped with the morphic delicacy of its prologue where the peace of mind of heavenly bodies seems to have reached its paroxysm on this evening of March 12, 2011.
As had Robert Schroeder so well said to me; I am going to love Bochum Live on 2011 because it’s a very beautiful temporal musical journey. And I more than loved it, I adored it. Too bad there are these coughs which appear in moments of tranquility, bringing us fast to reality. It’s too bad also that there are these too long and numerous interventions of Stefan Erbe who seems to enjoy more his talking than the music itself, because Bochum Live 2011 would have been a pure masterwork. But if it’s isn't at the level of recording, it’s surely is at the musical level. We have here a poetic, cosmic and very fluid Robert Schroeder who spreads all his talent over a music which wears its unique signature. If it’s true that dreams may come true, mine would be to see this excellent album redone in studio, with the same musicians, bringing a jewel furthermore in the treasure and Robert Schroeder's musical inheritance.


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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To starwalker464, it worths every penny. Don't let Erbe talking and coughing discourage you tu buy it. The music is awesome, believe me :-)

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  1. I see this is a very short cd, and with Stephan Erbes talking and you mentioned coughing, is it still worth it to purchase?

  2. Thanks Sylvain, ok i will get it


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