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['RAMP] : Doombient 4: Caverna Larvarum (2009)

Ramp or Stephen Parsick, Stephen Parsick or Ramp? A questioning that has all its sense and reason so much the musical hemispheres of the two entities are nearly identical. Recorded after the very dark and ambient concert of Kunstfeld-Feldkunst Visual Art Performance (Doombient: Verbrannte Erde 2002), Caverna Larvarum is a prolongation of those heavy, complexes, dark and ambient territories of Verbrannte Erde but with a strange zest of claustrophobia. And that’s explaining! It is in the cave of Dechenhohle, lit by 1,001 candles, that Caverna Larvarum was recorded. Bah…! There maybe are some minor sound problems but I insist to tell you that this album confirms the status of Stephen Parsick as an absolute master of heavy, dark and poetic ambient, with industrial textures.
A synth breathes a heavy wave tinted of a mephistophelic opacity, of which delicate oscillations float among heavy resonances, initiates the first musical emanations of the strange and distant crypts of "Caverna Larvarum". Superb fluty layers which subdivide their tender harmonies wander in these heaviness’s cenotaphs to deviate in the purest occultism of the Chtonian choral of "Summoning". Slow and very enchanting this longest Caverna Larvarum track transports us at the doors of darkness with an oblong atonal structure tinted of strange shivering or murmurs which are escaping with a variable intensity such a satanic mass which survives in the center of the Earth. Though length, "Summoning" is superbly charming with its satanic incantations of which the power of octaves is winning over the heavy and dark layers of a synth stigmatized by a fright hidden in the abyssal territories of a world in perdition. A world slipping even lower with"In Dead Cold" and its industrial hubbubs which are wriggling beneath the howling an apocalyptic rotating light.
We are in the heart of a chaos that "Ektoplasma" revives by strident whistles, like an immense howling kettle, in a parallel universe whereas the softer and warmer "Bioluminiscence" installs the basis of an ambient musical world which quietly seeks the oxygenated air in a nice stride to powerful synth waves which drive back in the undertow of its incantation. The life is settling softly, embracing the musical canvas of ambient great names such as Stearns and Roach with soft and tender vocal which embrace once more the underground heaviness with"Spectral Moths" and its guitar striations howling to abandon. A short track that leads us to doors of madness with "A Long Descent", there where Marcus Reuter’s guitar always flirts with darkness shaping its hooting with the paranoia of a forced solitude whereas the first sequential strikes of Mark Shreeve’s big Moog resound with strength at the deepest of our tympanums. "A Long Descent" is transforming into a strange hypnotic trance with a deep and slow rhythm which pulsates with rattling of a bashed up cymbal and loops of a guitar to infernal solos, spreading out all the paradox rhythm and stillness in a splendid hypnotic bosom which gradually becomes weaker in order to embrace the abyssal blackness of "The Deep Well".
Doombient 4: Caverna Larvarum is the sum of an imagination without ending that a musical designer transcends to his listener. A pure wonder of a dark and ambient musical but enchanting world where Stephen Parsick draws at the deepest of his resources to offer a concert very representative of its environment. We can hear the walls of the cave live and groan on a music at once caustic and warm. We can feel all the paranoia that watches those who are trapped or hidden away in the shades of these caves to 1,001 passages by strata and choirs as intense as black. This is an intense album which is at the height of this sensitivity that guides works of Stephen Parsick and an excellent album that I strongly recommend to fans of dark and heavy ambient music. And "A Long Descent"....Wow!

Sylvain Lupari (2010)
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As the Doombient Music website is no longer open you can order this CD directly from Stephen Parsick:

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