lundi 22 août 2011

FORREST FANG: Unbound (2011)

Forrest Fang is an American musician, of Chinese descent, who specializes in the ambient music tinted with ethnicity and minimalism. Inspired by Steve Roach, Robert Rich and other pioneers of ambient American EM, Forrest Fang navigates in the musical ocean that is EM since 1981 with his first opus; Music From the Blackboard Jungle. Unbound is his 12th work and his 3rd on Sam Rosenthal’s label; Projekt. Mastered by Robert Rich, Unbound is a long musical odyssey impregnated of long linear movements which are criss-crossing in a curious interbreeding of harmonies where the blackness of the morphic movements embraces strange iridescent odes.
"Henon’s Aurora" opens this ambient odyssey with a fine synth line which clears itself a path among some discreet ringing. A fine movement of a surprising tranquillity is deploying around this delicate introductory line which sways of a harmonious acuteness and frees astral choirs which are moulding along those long and sinuous shimmering curves.Between abysses of Steve Roach's Immersion Series and Michael Stearns's angelic musicality, "Henon’s Aurora" progresses with a stunning astral impact where the multiplicity of its waves creates a superb cosmic Angelus which brings us straight ahead in Morpheus’ arms. An excellent track for sleepless quite as the final track "Tone in Alium". Between them, the musical voyage of Unbound falls over to a sombre nightmarish atmosphere which starts with "Chant Of Urm" of which sinister lines and waves wind roguishly in a more metallic musical universe. Synth wanderings floating such as powerful sonorous rustlings which are entwining to hardly audible murmurs from a chorus of which breathes have difficulty to pierce a dense opaqueness, from where filter some more crystal clear synth winds. The more we move in Unbound and the more the musical blackness seizes our ears, as well as our reveries. "Lost Oracle" follows these long morphic curves which criss-cross throughout Unbound, with a dark mortuary approach where lugubrious iridescent waves undulate and waltz unexpectedly in a morbid static ballet. We have this strange feeling of hearing there some curious lethal chants from souls to shrill tears. "To Silver Season" continues this lugubrious impassiveness evolution of Unbound with ethereal waves which float and interlace in an inertia where long breezes of synth go alongside as much in musicality as in metallicity.
Morphic and atonic, but also harmonious than platonic, Forrest Fang’s Unbound is an ambient album which we tame from the tips of our ears. The musical universe is fed of long and slow layers of a morphic synth which waltz sinuously into implosive movements. It’s an extremely floating music which gets out of Steve Roach's Immersion limbs, but with a subtle harmonious touch that we hear if we consent to travel along these ethereal waves that surround Unbound. This is for fans of deep ambient music.


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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