vendredi 29 juillet 2011

TANGERINE DREAM: One Times One (2007)

Here’s Eastgate and its money-man new whim, create mini albums from 30 till 40 minutes that we will taste at tea time with friends. They call it CUPDISC. WoW!!! A biscuit with that? How not to be more commercial and salesman and no matter what the product is? By moment Edgar and his court really look like money maker machines...without having what it takes to sell! Without being great music, One Times One is surprising. The old man knows his things and how to make music of it. One of the problems is that he is inclined to forget nuances. But is it that important? Are we looking for music or catching old souvenirs? In a very metallic ambiance, the old lion to long teeth gives a particular charm to his cup of tea by imitating certain unbridled sequences from Franke.
"Sadness of Echnaton Losing the World Child" floats on a beautiful fusion of synth and artificial voice. The rhythm is progressive and steady on chords from a well chiselled keyboard. The tempo is tribal with good percussions and well developed sound effects around a nosy guitar. By moment we would believe to hear Jerome Froese. On fossilized arrangements, Froese manages to extract a very rock musical structure with slinky synths filled by quite some ethereal spectral breezes. Cold and sometimes long, it’s a fiery track where the cup of tea risks to shake a lot, quite as on "Modesty and Greed"; a hard track which rocks the house on good percussions and sequenced movements à la Franke. Froese’s guitar is splendid and floats with ardour on icy rhythms, forgetting all subtleties and nuances in tones. The big weakness of this CUPDISC. Above that it’s another heavy and catchy track which rocks, like "Gleeful Poets Crying Softly" which has no same impact but possesses a tribal charm on great sequencing which sounds oddly like Hyperborea.
The honeyed side of teatime, coffee or fine herbs comes from "Man (Instrumental)" which came out of Madcap's Flaming Duty and which is without vocals here, but with vocal samplings! No matter what, I prefer this version. "Loved by the Sun", without Jon Anderson, is idem as the one on 86’s tour with a more incisive guitar. It’s a nice interpretation that’s worth the live recordings from this era. "Daughters of Time" is ethereal with a very crystal clear vocal sampling on balanced sequences. It’s a track which pours gently on a tribal ambiance and synths as melodious as the artificial voice.
Four new interesting tracks and two remixes as much interesting; Edgar is on fire! One Times One is a pleasant surprise where Edgar Froese makes a beautiful transition between the insipidities of the last years and the wonders of the 80’s. A nice find which however loosens an element of annoying coolness, requiring listening with scattered doses. Good but cold, as tea sometimes turns, with nice sequenced movements and Pappy Froese's so special guitar. No, Edgar is not still short of ideas but a bit of warmth would help.


Sylvain Lupari (2007)
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