lundi 13 juin 2011

STEVE ROACH: Dynamic Stillness (2009)

The dynamic stillness! It's quite a tour de force to create such a sound illusion that flows as weighty reverie. Steve Roach cogitated and matured for a long time on Dynamic Stillness during his last 3 years. A period where he also realized some more powerful albums, on rhythms and sequences level. But above all Dynamic Stillness is a quest for silence passes by atonal sound waves which are slightly in movement, personifying the spirit’s quiet strength and its invisible, but perceptible, movements. We are on the grounds of Structures from Silence and A Deeper Silence but with more heaviness, sorrow and nostalgia.
A dense musical cloudburst increases a somber movement on the opening of Birth of Still Places. It’s a world of sonorous reverberations which coos slowly but with a musical strength which drives us to a cerebral hypnosis. Powerful, but languishingly slow, the musical structure spreads as a big charmer snake ready to grab you toward your sleep with a slender musical piece of nearly 61 minutes divided into 2 soporific, but slowly ethereal, acts; Birth of Still Places and Long Tide. From powerful, the movement eases slowly as if the sleep seized us. To Darker Light opens with a less intense structure, as a soft warm wind which caresses our hearing leading us and making us float all along Opening Sky.
CD2 opens with the same chloroformed effect which ended CD1. Nature of Things is a long passage with finely oscillating waves which revolve in a somber cosmos that lets filtering wandering choirs. A cosmic journey as if we were there. Always in the cozy comfort of immobilism, Further Inside slowly flows like enchanting loops that would form an invisible cadence. It’s a long piece of music where the rhythm tries to gush out, held it is by an internal strength that Roach controls by his synths. That’s a melodramatic quest which pushes more towards the nostalgic reverie than the meditation and which is tie to Slowly Revealed, a softer and more romantic track with its delicious fragrances of tranquility which sails on a harmonious sea with its fine charming undulations. We don’t get tired of it so much the movement flows with a strange melody blown by an obscure romanticism, from where leak out subtle fluty essences of a spectral ambiance. Canyon Stillness depicts the creative strength of Steve Roach. Here, as throughout Dynamic Stillness, Roach forges his music with an incredible dexterity for its nominative structures. Throughout this23 minutes music piece, we feel winds whistled towards the imperfect furrows of Roachian desert canyons. A desert to thousand utopian facets that lull Steve Roach's creative illusions.
Dynamic Stillness is a powerful floating album which is filled by emotions and sensitivity from an artist in constant quest of a spiritual ideal. It’s quite beautiful and mostly very sincere; this is ambient and atonal Steve Roach at his best.


Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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