mardi 14 juin 2011

STEVE ROACH: Destination Beyond (2009)

The synth wind of a musical Western territory sweeps dry dunes and criss-crosses, like shadows of American eagles, the vestiges of a world where the musical poetry is the meeting point between the breathes of an ethereal daydreaming to flexible and slinky rhythms of a spiritual trance. With Destination Beyond Steve Roach pursues his quest for a transcendental music which mixes the Zen thought to hypnotico-trances rhythms with crafty clothing cogitate in an elixir of serenity. It’s skillful mixture of the sweet and dark tranquility of Dynamic Stillness to the stormy, but well controlled, agitation of Arc of Passion. Simply divine!
A dark and slightly fleeing sound wave opens Destination Beyond’ first measures which is extending in a long epic track of 72 minutes. The synth is making of crystalline breezes which hoot with elegance through stigmas of a quixotic desert. Quite soon we sense its captivating and rippling sublime layers which characterized the superb and out of print Western Spaces released on Innovative Communication in 1986. The sonority is so close that we can’t ignore the resemblance and we are letting ourselves taking away by this soft musical influx which broods of increasing pulsations with rattlesnake sounds which are entangling with a balanced loudness with layers of angelic sonorities.
Steve Roach's world evolves with its musical convictions. Here, there is no salute to musical atomism. Destination Beyond teems of a life full of powerful oscillations which are gobbled up by slinky and crystalline layers with morphic roundnesses. But the intensity of its ethereal musical layers don’t deaden nor keep silent the resonances and those rattlesnakes pulsations which abound in this acoustic fauna to resonant diversity so complex to these musical kermises from the American synthesist. Of course, everything is not similar, nor linear. Steve Roach brings subtle variances where the rhythm isolates itself, bringing a movement of sweet hypnotic trance and sometimes disappears to leave the entire place to superb and smooth layers which wind around in a cerebral cortex high in phonic forms. By moments, this poetic tenderness is going violent and making justice with a so elongated linearity that we getting near Morpheus arms.
In short, it’s another stroke of genius by Steve Roach who years after years continue to amaze on the same sound themes, but with so tempestuous approaches that the sweetness can allow it. Destination Beyond is a splendid introspective journey which flows with all the poetry and the wisdom from the master of thought and conceived music to be heard with the tranquility of its movements.


Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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