mardi 24 mai 2011

STEVE ROACH: Immersion: One (2006)

I am going to get straight to the point; I don’t really like ambient music. To me, most of it is meaningless and has no reliefs. Within years I learnt to tame by means of Klaus Schulze, Michael Stearns and Steve Roach music. Ambient and atmospheric music with depth, relief and emotion and in the last years I discovered Steve Roach's wonderful works (Structures from Silence, Western Spaces, Dreamtime Return as well as the Fever Dreams series).
Immersion: One is the first opus of a series that could stretch in the time; so much Steve Roach masters the ambient and abstract art. Moreover Immersion: Two should go out soon, if it’s not already done at the writing of this chronicle. The album contains only one long track. A long atonal movement where waves of synth submerge us as in the nice time of the New Age music where birds and whales sing on a beautiful oceanic serenade. Except that the music of Roach is darker. It’s a slow whirlwind of synth layers that interlace and succeed one into another in an elongated musical spiritual litany. Point of movements, nor of synth surges but long linear stratums which follow each other in a beautiful parade of angels. Abstract music? A rather music invisible as would say the ‘‘ex’’. If it’s true to say that nothing is really happening, the depth of synth chants is remarkable and demonstrates quite well the skill of Roach to compose a universe absent in movements but rich in atmospheres and depths. Did I like it? Not at the time I discovered it I have to admit. But with years and discovery of other volumes of the Immersion series, and other ambient music too, this music accompanies me now regularly to help me find the road of sleep.


Sylvain Lupari (2006)

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