mardi 24 mai 2011

STEVE ROACH: Immersion: Two (2006)

Fans of ambient and long interpersonal journeys for the quest of a total and deep relaxation, Steve Roach offers his 2nd volume of the Immersion series. Immersion: Two’s Artifact Ghost is a long breeze, hardly mutable, which penetrates with idleness into the spheres of tranquillity. For Steve Roach the Immersion project began with this sonorous texture that we can hear on Texture Maps: The Lost Pieces Vol.3, released in 2003. Obsessed by its serene charm it fast became one of the favourite track of his repertoire having even requests to explored much more the floating charms of this night kermis.
Atonal this long ceremony where the body communicates with the spirit moves with atmosphere, as rustles of leaves caressed by a warm wind. All along, lightness in movements takes us towards a comfortable highlight where the quest for rest and peace of mind is not a dream anymore. Although very ambient Immersion: Two possesses an energy which spurts out of these synthesized breezes. Deep breaths which are harmonizing with tranquillity to find our interior quest. If Immersion: One charmed you with its dose of compressed peace of mind, Immersion: Two has the same depth and charm and is completely indicated to you. And if ambient and abstract music seduce your inner mind, Steve Roach is the undisputed master of floating music.


Sylvain Lupari (2006)

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