mardi 24 mai 2011

STEVE ROACH: Immersion: Four (2009)

You know! There were days that I disliked these long ambient works. I found those meaningless and without harmonies. It’s with Steve Roach and his superb Structures from Silence that I learnt, on the very late, to appreciate the magic and tranquility that brings these works that I find comforting during period of introspection and stress. Then I enjoyed more ambient works. But still Structures from Silence and Michael Stearns’ Chronos are my best shots to calm down. With Steve Roach we are never sure of what will coming out and I have to admit that I didn’t believe that he could again exploits the abyssal depths of sleep, auras and intra personal relaxation, without falling in repetition and boredom. Well, needs to believe that master of dark and heavy ambient can recreate again a sound dialect within his meditative thought.
Although more hermetic and more claustrophobic than the previous works of the Immersion series, Immersion IV brings a warm vision to our personal mantra, the one we create from our visions and faiths. Immersion IV is an oblong musical ode which is spreading under long warm breezes, transporting us to the doors of our subconscious quite as the enveloping Artifact Ghost from Immersion II and Immersion III’s Sleep Chamber. Moreover to seize the full measure of Roach atonal works it’s preferable to be sit, or lay down, in order to relax and be taking off by these soft sound sonorous fragrances and synth layers. Stratum with breathes at once spectral and serene which are intermingling in a slow maelstrom and tickle our ears with an oscillating heaviness which forms the life in these long spiritual quests. We can attend as well to personal things, as read, write or even making love. Especially making love and caress, taste the skin of the being love by following these slow fluctuations of this music so personal. Try for once …
Here, as on all the works of the Immersion series, the music doesn’t move. It’s the companion of our spirit and senses to guide us towards an introspective journey where the relaxation and the awakening toward ourselves are loosening us of our immediate responsibilities. A little as a 3rd eye that shows us things from another perspective and brings a new lighting to that seemed so dark to us one hour ago. And it’s one of doubtless important reasons that makes that I love this man and his music. His music, to slow threadlike oscillations, brings an internal dividend which makes it good to listen to. Immersion IV is the annual rendezvous, although there was several this year, which Roach offers us so that we will recharge our batteries. I do not how it can be missed. It‘s soft, beautiful and extremely intuitive. And yes, I did that music once…


Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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