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STEVE ROACH: Immersion Five-Circadian Rhythms (2011)

Was there something to add after the first 4 chapters of Immersion? It needs to believe that with Steve Roach we are never shielded from the surprises. Immersion Five-Circadian Rhythms is a surprising album where a strange musical fauna lives through Steve Roach's instruments. If Shroud of Night is a long meditative introspection, Circadian Rhythms swarms with a finely peeled microscopic life.
Circadian Rhythms is a musical reflection on the fascinating kingdom of animal and vegetal. The circadian rhythm is a biorhythm of 24 hours. More visible to plants it’s also very present in unicellular bodies, like mould and bacteria. And it’s a little bit this tiny world filled with multi-form creatures that Steve Roach puts in music. Circadian Rhythms-Phase One begins with strange tones of an effervescent world of which tiny latent movements are finely explained with amplified sonority. Those who are familiar with the musical universe of Roach will not be disoriented because tones very finely elaborated here have already seen the sound of days on Possible Planet. Thus long and threadlike serpentine movements to metallic sliding grow and circulate in a world of shadows where guitar notes jib weakly among dark varied oscillations. It’s a journey in the inside where swarms thousand eclectic tones and a world to multiple tones of quixotic insects which seethe with a surprising musical life. From this babel of spongy and microorganisms sonorities emerge soft astral waves which gradually win in opulence and cover this Lilliputian fauna of soft floating molecules which derive in the ending of a world in stigmatization. Layers of synth over those of guitars on a slowly stormy tempo, Circadian Rhythms-Phase Two is quite in contrast with the tranquillity of the slow Immersion that we heard on the first 4 volumes. Steve Roach multiplies there guitars and synths layers which are entangling and dying of elongated caustic riffs over a more and more precise rhythm. This is a clan rhythm unique Roach where percussions have this strange impression to be forged straight from the bells of rattlesnakes and heterogeneous elements which drag under the rocks of Arizona or Australian desert plains. I have the strange image of vultures on diet flying over the rests of a civilization to be spared when I listen to this 2nd part that bathes in the soft atmospheres of recent works of Roach such as the very beautiful Landmass and especially Destination Beyond. Little by little, Circadian Rhythms-Phase Two's fervently still rhythm calms down with beautiful soothing synth layers which cross a finale which espouses the hesitating rhythms and which march past stealthily of Circadian Rhythms-Phase Three. This last portion of Circadian Rhythms offers a fine balanced rhythm which leans on a soft hypnotic sequential balance and a suave line of bass which fidgets among hiccupping chords, the whole this is coated by beautiful layers of synth which undulate on a delicate oniric rhythm. We are in the lands of Dreamtime Return and Western Spaces but with a zest of musical freshness that leans Roach evolution.
There is not much to write about Shroud of Night. It is a long and atonal night-lament which respects the precepts of the Immersion series but with a more accentuated abyssal depth where a mix of synth and guitar layers float in an immersive serenity, , a little as if we were in communication with the aquatic world from which whales feed our subconscious of slender enveloping laments. And it’s doubtless Shroud of Night's great beauty. All along we have this vague impression of being submerged by a quixotic suspended ocean where cetaceans float in diapason with our immense need of immersive tranquility, a little as in First Light from Immersion: Three. True to him, Steve Roach filled every diameter available on the CD so that our subconscious is invades of this suave tranquility begun with Immersion: One in 2006.
With Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms we have the best of both Steve Roach's worlds in a single album, which is not to be disdained.
We have the tribal and progressive rhythms to atmospheres as seducing as heterogeneous on Circadian Rhythms and the best of the ambient and dreamlike music on Shroud of Night. Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms is at the height of its kind of album that can help to tame two Steve Roach's main genres.


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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