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NORYANI: Northeast117 (2011)

A little gift from Sweden, Noryani doesn’t really consider himself as an artist but rather as a music creator. We must listen to it before agreeing to such a statement!  Because the Swedish synthesist, or sound sculptor, has a superb talent to create a melodious music which dives into rhythmic storms as dynamic as varied and unexpected. Northeast 117 is his first album. A nice one carefully thought through which presents 9 tracks all so melodious one from the others which soak into cadences and sequences in continual permutations. Suave, synths are vaporous with nice orchestrations which are not without reminding the silky angelic world of Vangelis more exactly in the periods of Direct to Voices, while passing by Blade Runner.  
A fine sequential carousel with sonority of a limpid circular harp opens the first measures of Destinations-Northeast. A synth puts down light pads of mist whereas the carousel waves with more insistence. Some percussions to hybrid tones frame the pace which beats beneath arrhythmic pulsations, wrapped by suave synth solos with a scent of saxophone. The rhythm slightly more accentuated and a more fed structure, Destinations-Northeast evolves towards a sequential whirlwind where notes of a quixotic harp sway on a pounding rhythm and synths to symphonic breezes. After a noisy metallic click Monumentos (El Primer Círculo) offers a soft movement of melodious synth which multiplies its harmonious layers such as a Vangelis soundtrack. The movement is smooth and bended on a fine sequence which softly waves, dragging Monumentos (El Primer Círculo) towards a very nice synth lament. It’s a very nice track where the hair skin raises quite as the spine so much the resemblance with Vangelis is striking, in particular with Monumentos (El Segundo Círculo) and its dramatic structure to Middle East fragrances fed by beautiful orchestral arrangements, good beatings of symphonic percussions and synth filled with suave stratums and dark choruses. Aroma de las Naranjas pursues this musical quest very near Vangelis’ soils with a heavy and atonal track which spins of its heavy metallic synth stratums. If the first phase mixes choirs synths layers to reverberating curves, the second phase livens up of a fine line of percussion which skips nervously, but subtly, beneath a symphonic synth duped of heavy rippling stratums. The tempo becomes more precise at the end of the road with keyboards and piano keys which dance on a more lively structure where hoarse metallic breezes are fitting on a slightly syncopated sequence.
Canela is another beautiful track that shows all the sound work created by Adrian Noryani on Northeast 117. A track which shows several unexpected developments and which subjugates by the beauty of its approach a bit jazzy. Movements of rail trains unfasten the intro. They stop there, where a sulphurous synth to saxophone solos glean on a rhythm which settles down. Sensual, Canela opens a hybrid sequential movement where sequenced chords pulse and are subdivided into balanced chords and others which take the shape of industrial jingles that we heard almost everywhere on Northeast 117. Subtly the tempo deviates towards a tribal approach. But it’s a short detour before it takes back its cruising speed with a surprising hybrid sequential movement which charms beneath the breezes of a wandering saxophone. Caramelo moves on with a short ambient intro fed by a multitude of eclectic tones. Percussions fall and mould a jerky rhythm that a good line of bass embellishes with its hopping notes. Synths are always as vaporous as harmonious and sing on a rhythmic structure struck by good percussions with anvil sounds and encircled by a light syncopated movement. New from far Away is a strange ballad. Strange because beautiful with its tearful synth which draws an approach of a solitary cowboy and by those percussions which tumble to mould an indefinite rhythm that winces more than it moves. It’s a nice track that, like most of the tracks on Northeast 117, suffers of a kind of musical bipolarity because it always eventually bursts of a still rhythm on a soft fluty synth. Solid State (Interpolar) is a blend of techno and very energetic free-jazz with its pulsating percussions and its warmth synth lines. It’s a real knocker! Re-Set encloses this first opus of Noryani with a superb melodious approach hunted and torpedoed by a solid syncopated rhythm. Delicate notes of an acoustic guitar are pinched with firmness and plot a soft melancholy which drags its sadness on a mellotron cloud. Threatening reverberations break this ethereal melodious combination, opening the door to percussions which strike shyly the pace on a finely jerky sequential line. Quietly Re-Set dresses itself with a range of composite tones, before biting the rhythm on a jerked sequence which explodes in a fiery movement of a very schizophonic techno. It is the proof by nine that Northeast 117 is feeding on unpredictable rhythms and musical styles more than varied on structures initially very melodious. Here is a nice album of a beautiful musicality that one listens to as we breathe the freshness of the wind and where Noryani is as well enigmatic as very promising.


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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