mercredi 20 avril 2011

THE ELECTRIC GOLEM: The Electric Golem (2010)

Beatings being transformed into irregular signals of a Geiger counter imprinted of a disturbing statism open Deep Diving for Chickens' intro to be infiltrated into a vague rhythm where accordion pads cross indistinct mooings. Strange you may ask yourselves? Well, it’s only the beginning. Very experimental, The Electric Golem is an American duet formed by Trevor Pinch, who has the peculiarity to create his own synthesizers, and James Spitznagel. Together concoct a abstract musique de cuisine where rhythms are parsimonious and buried below an avalanche of sound effects as much cosmic than electronic and experimental. A music more ambient than sequenced where floats an array sounds and noises of all kinds on an approach more psychedelic of the 60’s and 70’s than electro-cosmic.Deep Diving for Chickens offers a nebulous intro with an inconsistent rhythm and ambiguous structure where everything is pretext to a massive use of heterogeneous tones. If experimental EM appeals you The Electric Golem, will satisfy your curiosity of sounds and...senses. If there are long ambient moments filled by an ambiance where green smoke does its work, there are good moments and moments that are simply genius like this pace which arrives from nowhere, at around the 8th minute, and which quietly espouses a slow rhythm hammered by hesitating percussions. Heavy strikes that fall among chords of hatched synths, within the framework of a shaky rhythm. Toying between pure ambient and fragmented rhythm, Deep Diving for Chickens caresses nice ambient moments that lead towards very eclectic tones, sometimes aggressive, before forming these sudden paces that make the charm of Deep Diving for Chickens.
This Must Be the Place presents a slow caustic intro where reverberations circulate among whimsical notes of a disoriented guitar. Anguishing synth streaks fly over an atonal movement from where fuses a variety of tone as much melodious (notes of piano) than cacophonous (twisted synth strata in with slow resonances). And, a little as in Deep Diving for Chickens, the structure embraces an atonal phase before deviate on a rhythm arising from diverse tones. A brief minimalism cadence before This Must Be the Place dips back into torments of sound searches and meeting points of the musical schizophrenia and the caustic psychedelism.
You will have understood that The Electric Golem is not for all ears. It’s a highly psychedelic, and electronic, album where parsimonious rhythms are flooded beneath a torrent of colourful sound effects as much strange as a snowstorm right in the heart of Sahara. For audacious ears and fans of a purely abstract music!


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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