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VARIOUS: Dreams of my SPACE Vol. 1-Thanx for the Add (2008)

“Dreams of MySpace Vol. 1 is a splendid collection of modern melodic EM that I highly recommend”

1 The Last Chance (Kristalium) 4:09
2 Journey to Fairyland II (Guido Negraszus) 6:06
3 Deneb (Alpha Lyra) 5:12
4 Time is Life (Kristalium) 3:56 
5 May Rain (Mac Mavis) 5:40 
6 Fox Hunters Part 3 (VFX Designer) 4:22 
7 Unterseeboot (McCartnotron) 2:53 
8 Live Improvisation (Nightbirds) 3:31 
9 Moonlight Dance (Guido Negraszus) 6:52 
10 Kopenhaachen (Nattefrost) 6:37
11 Time is Lost in Space (Mc-Honert) 6:42 
12 Heaven Six (Dust Free) 4:30
13 Toward the Infinite (A.D.S.R.) 6:23

SPHERIC MUSIC: SMCD9101 (CD 66:54) ****½

For some years there is a musicians- composers' outbreak for a hybrid EM style, between Berlin School, ambient and electro synth-pop music, who have no other choice than to put their music online in order to catch the attention of some snooping ears. Very interested in this proliferation of new musicians who punctuate the musical sky of a soft and beautiful EM, Robert Schroeder put on feet a project entitled Dreams Of MySPACE in 2007. Lambert Ringlage's label, Spheric Music, decided to encourage this project by selecting a dozen of musical pieces which demonstrate the surprising quality and the quantity of music always snub by Medias but which continue its breakthrough and to attract its fans' legion. So, here is the 1st chapter of “Dreams of MySPACE Vol. 1: Thanx for the Add”.
Kristalium, a French synthesist, opens the waves of outer-space with a beautiful synth line which floats of its nice captivating and slinky pads. A soft jerky rhythm moulded by hesitating keyboard keys and supported by good percussions give to "The Last Chance" a suave and groovy rhythm à la Enigma. A resonant and a bit funk bass line grumbles inside this rhythmic structure which is nicely wrapped of synth pads at once astral and spectral as well as a soft and celestial feminine voice. Some nice synth pop that continues on "Time is Life" which is on the other hand sturdier with heavy percussions which hammer a brief but always hatched heavy tempo. A bouncy beat encircled with pretty good pads of a circular synth of which the mist frees texts paraphrased on vocoder. Guido Negraszus' "Journey to Fairyland II" is a real small jewel of romanticism and a splendid melody with beautiful piano notes which are melting to pinched chords of a solitary guitar, on a discreet organ background. The tempo he is light, dreamy and catchy, and makes to kiss stars. I was charmed by Guido Negraszus, whose style looks amazingly like Mike Oldfield. He plays on emotions by adding beautiful mermaids vocalizes that sound like spatial and oniric Sarah Brightman. His 2nd track, "Moonlight Dance", is as better but has more with a rather similar melodious structure; suave beat, organ sounds and superb synth which sings as much as it cries. It’s a beautiful electronic ballad which flows beneath beautiful synth layers with studded tones where we would believe to hear harmonious Mike OldfieldAlpha Lyra's "Deneb" is a soft night-melody with minimalist chords from a threatening keyboard which rolls in spiral beneath soft ethereal mist and pads of a lonely synth. It’s a very beautiful track from Christian Piednoir where the emotion reaches the deep of our soul. Curious, but very interesting and rather particular, "May Rain" from Mac Mavis offers a strange rhythmic forged in a mixture of hopping sequences and percussions with hybrid resonances. Synth chords hesitate and stagger in a progression supported by pads as spectral as melodious which hem and coil up in a sombre eclectic universe, whereas the tempo finally bursts of a solid structure always haunted by hootings of a synth as funeral as festive. It’s a strong track that we got here that draws its originality from its sequences and percussions plays which pulse and bang in a gloomy but attractive universe.
There is some drama and emotion behind VFX Designer's "Fox Hunters Part 3" which is slightly floating with its arpeggios of glasses dancing around a vocoder as discreet as an uncertain rhythm. It’s an ambient track which drifts in an aquatic atmosphere with a thick cloud of synth strata which are waving and entwining in a twinkling universe. In another register, McCartnotron's "Unterseeboot" is an electro music-pop à la Kraftwerk with a robotic and curt tempo where cold voices are hearing from a vocoder. It’s not “Dreams of MySPACE” best moment cause it’s insert between two very nice ambient tracks of which Nightbirds' "Live Improvisation" and its nice cosmic synth layers floating near borders of a cerebral galaxy stuffed with good analog sound effects. Soft and emotive, it's an ideal title to dive into our thoughts. It's pleasant to find "Kopenhaachen" from Nattefrost on this compilation. This is a boiling track with a solid rhythm that we initially found on Transformation and which quickly became one of Nattefrost classic. It has all ingredients to catch the beat and stamps one's feet; nervous evolutionary rhythm, criss-crossing and blistering sequences, melodious and discreet synth, line of bass with hatched chords and a nice play of guitars of which solos are moulding quite well with synths filled by symphonic laments. A bomb of infectious beat which explodes of a wonderful power at high volume. Just turn it louder but be sure of being very good friend with your neighbourhood. Mc-Honert offers a beautiful cosmic melody in "Time is Lost in Space" which sounds a bit like Vangelis. It’s a very nice cosmic Bolero with arpeggios which sparkle in a motionless rhythm where a beautiful synth layers amalgamation overhang a fine spiral sequence. Dust Free's "Heaven Six" has a jazzier tendency with a sensual rhythm bitten by pinched notes of an acoustic guitar. Synths are vaporous and spread delicate pads on top of a beautiful line of a caustic bass and a feminine voice which really overflows into jazz lounge. That’s a track which reminds me a lot of Robert Schroeder's huge palett of styles. This compilation closes with a very heavy track in "Toward the Infinite" from the Spanish band A.D.S.R. A circular rhythm swirls with powerful percussions and is assaulted by a heavy spiral tornado, forging a furious pace split up by brief less noisy passages where the fusion of vocalizes and isolated piano notes isn’t without reminding Jean Michel Jarre's unbridled universe.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and musical variety of Dreams “Dreams of MySPACE Vol. 1: Thanx for the Add”. There are really no big weaknesses because the editing and mastering of Robert Schroeder allow us to navigate from a style to another and amazement to surprises. Cause so much variety cannot please the same public and it’s there that the genius and sense of beat and melodies from Schroeder takes all its impact. I strongly encourage you to get this compilation which is going to allow you to discover a bunch of very interesting artists. If some are already known (Alpha Lyra and Nattefrost) others are pure strangers with great perspectives of skill (Kristalium, Guido Negraszus, Mac Mavis, Nightbirds, Mc-Honert and the boiling A.D.S.R.). In short, there is everything for all tastes and styles of contemporary EM.
Sylvain Lupari (April 21th, 2011)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream

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