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AWENSON: Saphonic (2007)

“At once mesmerizing and mystic , Saphonic is a perilous musical adventure where dark ambient goes alongside with rhythms which become more and more uncontrollables”

1 Le Rasoir D'Occam 22:41
2 Metropolis 6:44
3 Interstellar Overload 5:54
4 Lolita's Waveform 4:48
5 Technoff 21:00

MUSEARECORDS: DR8480 (70:57) ****

Before Wizard Awenson had a life. He began with  Shadows (Awen) in 2005 and “Saphonic” is his 2nd opus. It’s a strange album where the rhythm grows peacefully before exploding literally with the impetuous and dynamic "Technoff". And already we feel all the passion that is living in Awenson for an EM with free and random movements which float or jump wildly into a very cosmic atmosphere. In “Saphonic”, we understand quite quickly all the dimension of Awenson whom will offers us, 3 years later, his real masterpiece; Wizard.
A slow cosmic air wave sways and multiplies a series of waves which roll in a studded cosmos. "Le Rasoir D'Occam" is a long atonal movement where the still rhythm is moved by morphic modulations which are sometimes heavy and sometimes discreet. An elongated ambient track very well inspired by Klaus Schulze's first works with a caustic and metallic synth which moves its floating layers in a universe imprint of a certain melancholy. Fine harmonious oscillations unfold behind this musical universe, moulding thus a strange paradox between the silence of celestial bodies and the singing of stars, where breezes of shadows unfurl like nostalgic sighs to finally embrace limpid arpeggios of which the resonance espouses waves' reverberations so as to spread their metallic groans. An odd cerebral dance is following with the circle of crystal clear chords which criss-cross other hesitating chords, offering to "Le Rasoir D'Occam" a finale where the harmony challenges the cosmic blackness. A track at once fascinating and macabre, "Metropolis" advances at strikes of organ pads which walk on a sinuous caustic and resonant air wave. A melodious synth emerges from this march of the slow death and violined a fine serenade which is extending as far as borders of the unreal, there where pulsations and pulsating pads deviate the serenade at the dawn of cacophony. But it’s only a short musical disorder because a beautiful sequential movement with skipping chords encircles the movement where a metal wind blows behind a superb movement which, regrettably, goes out too quickly.
Shaped in the same mould, "Interstellar Overload" begins with a heavy linear movement where the beatings of synth pulse with an increasing feverishness in a sound universe imprint of a dim implosion. It’s a race against music where pulsations are more substantial and draw a feverish undulation which is airing in breaths and beatings of a corrosive cosmic world. And then fine crystalline arpeggios sparkle and dance in a universe in suspension, shaping a sequential movement which continues its minimalist road in the belly of a synth to pulsating modulations and heavy gloomy layers among which caustic modulations and delicious nasal and twisted solos betray the passion of Awenson for Schulze."Lolita’s Waveform" offers a languishing rhythmic structure with a sequential swaying hip which waddles as a solitary cowboy being astride cosmic plains. It’s a nice ballad bowed of a bass guitar which is waddling like a sequential minimalism where synth solos flow among analog sound effects full of cosmic fragrances. Technoff begins with fine pulsations which spin in all directions. A cymbal supports the movement, followed by a bass-drum which hammers a heavy and insistent pulsation while synth pads flicker with feverishness. "Technoff" follows a demonic tangent with unbridled percussions which pound a hyper nervous rhythm in the shade of mooings of a hoarse synth. A synth which frees wild and twisted solos in a rhythmic debauchery rarely heard in an EM musical piece with a frenzied beat which adopt with wonder a heavy progressive techno. It’s a vitamined Berlin School EM style with a striking infernal pace where synth lines are criss-crossing whilst letting go murky sounds and crashes to noisy echoes. Spirals with aggressive resonances circulate in this electronic heap of tones which continues to increase its rhythmic bite with splendid permutations in its tones. That’s a titanic track which ends in peace and serenity, beneath waltzing waves of a romantic synth which frees some studded fragments, forging these so beautiful electronic musical sunsets.
At once mesmerizing and mystic with its tenebrous layers of a very metallic synth, “Saphonic” is a perilous musical adventure where dark ambient goes alongside with rhythms which become more and more uncontrollables. I would say that it’s an intense and powerful album because of the strong presence of a melancholy hiding out behind luxurious and mysterious layers of a mordant and burning synth. In fact, we hear through “Saphonic” the first vestiges of Wizard and the strong influences of Schulze on the French synthesist. “Saphonic” is now released and distributed by Musea Records and can be find on good EM stores such as Groove et Cue Records.

Sylvain Lupari (April 26th 2011)
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* There is a promo video of Lolita's Waveform on YouTube:

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