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AIR SCULPTURE: Trick or Treat? (2009)

It’s very difficult to avoid any kind of parallelism with Tangerine Dream’s Baumann years when we describe the music of Air Sculpture. The British trio, which is strongly inspired by TD’s rich mellotron atmospheres, is builds an enviable reputation in the circles of contemporary EM by creating an improvised music which is strongly inspired by atmospheres and sequences of the Baumann, Franke and Froese era. Recorded during Hampshire Jam 8 on October 31st, 2009, Trick or Treat? is a long track segmented in 4 phases where bedazzled rhythms follow each other and expire by moments ashes of the very delirious Doom Bar, while maintaining an atmosphere where the spectres of Halloween appear here and there on surprising sequenced structures.
Dark hollow breezes open the gaps of Trick or Treat?. A thick cloud of very eclectic electronic tones emerge from outer-world and float with a heavy resonance among furious echoing motionless circles. Little by little, this armada of tones as heterogeneous as noisy is dissipating to make room at a sequential movement with a military march flow which crosses another sequential line of which clearer chords wave under a suave mellotron. A soft synth with mephistophelic choirs and resonant pads surround this march build on staggering degradation, whereas another line of a more symphonic synth wraps Trick or Treat? which suddenly takes a light sequential flight with a staggering approach. Nice morphic flutes encircle the movement and are entangling to these soft symphonic draughts. And it’s the synths’ dance of which hybrid breezes are entwining on this sequential minimalist march streaked by nice metallic pads. At around the 14t minute the movement is soothing down and frees some notes of a misled piano which strums a delicate melody of which keys resound beneath a night-mist. Of this diurnal tranquility rises another sequential movement. Heavier and more insistent, it pounds a tempo that waves beneath swaying layers of a caustic synth. Layers with scarlet tones which glide over a rhythm subdivided by another sequential hatching, bringing Trick or Treat? towards another rhythmic dimension which is not without recalling the heavy dark and frenzied of Redshift.
Trick or Treat? continues its improvised evolution beneath on torrid and powerful synth solos which fly over sequences with curt alternations and circular oscillations, forging a tempo in constant permutation. A tempo that is sometimes abrupt, sometimes soft and sometimes absent, whereas synths roar or hum dependent on the rhythm’s pace. At around the 29th minute this tempo becomes a little bit chaotic, mixing irregular sequences’ strikes to a piano with frivolous notes. A mixture which creates an opposition of phases, as harmonious as rhythmic, which plunging Trick or Treat? in an eclectic and psychedelic electronic sphere to prepare the 3rd portion of this long track filled of surprising musical outcomes. And it’s around the 34th minute mark that phase III is taking shape with a light but complex rhythm where sequences to nervous doubloons are criss-crossing with frenzy and mordant on a nice structure of free jazz. Tireless, sequences alternate in a harmonious frenzy while keyboards are harmonizing to draw various melodious approaches in a surrealist electronic ballet jazz. The last phase takes its flight at around the 42nd minute with a bedazzled sequential movement where a furious intertwined rhythm spreads its ferocity under superb twisted synth solos. Sequences and solos merge in a wild electronic movement where the rhythm swirls violently on heavy opaque layers from where emerge dark choirs while the sequential movement continues its fantastic rhythmic ride. An unbridled rhythm which embraces caustic synths and freed from any coordination in movements, bringing Trick or Treat? in the insane madness of improvisations on hyper nervous rhythms and livened up by the desire to beat chords as soon as they get out of their dens.
Available in downloadable format on MusicZeit, Trick or Treat? is a pure exercise in style where the sequential madness reaches an immoderation rarely heard in EM. It’s a heavy and powerful EM opus where sequences and rhythms are grafting and leaking away on sultry ambiances as much ethereal as caustic. Behind all those Rubycon, Phaedra and Encore influences, Trick or Treat? is a stunning surprise that has surely its place among 2010  top 10. It’s a boiling album bubbling of wild rhythms which now seem to be part of Air Sculpture musical cultural heritage. If you are a fan of Tangerine Dream (Baumann years), Redshif, Arc, Ramp or RMI Trick or Treat? is an indispensable to you.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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