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ODYSSEY: Ypsilon Project (2002/2010)

Ypsilon Project is born out of a studio session held in Odyssey’s studio on September 2002 with Remote Space. Together they melted their influences and styles in a musical union which joined the recollections of the 80’s. Making it Tomasz Pauszek, Konrad Jakrzewski and Krysztof Rzeznicki signed an album with rhythms as varied as styles. From Kraftwerk to Jean Michel Jarre en passing by Robert Schroeder and Double Fantasy, Ypsilon Project is the meeting point of a period of transition in EM.
A threadlike cosmic furrow comes down from the deep end of the galaxy to cross its harmonies with a splendid guitar that a synth molds poignant heart-rending solos. A very beautiful smoothing track, In-Thro-Duction introduces us to Ypsilon with an astral tenderness where our dreams float on guitar solos which go adrift in a cosmos filled with stars and celestial bodies which furrow and shine with their musical irradiations. Sequence Space is shaming us out of our soft morphic torpor with fine droplets falling trough their echoes. A suave and warm rhythm is settling down and livens up Sequence Space which moves like a down tempo, but more spatial with beautiful electronic tonalities which wrap a pace becoming more caustic. A soft moon-tempo anchored on a sequential line with delicate pulsations of bass of which notes skip among sequences and more fluid keyboard keys. A track strongly tinted of cosmic fragrances and which reminds me Double Fantasy’s musical universe, Sequence Space is flied over by beautiful twisted synth solos and nice mellotron mist. Percussions pound the opening of Busy City, a track that could easily compares to Kraftwerk techno style. The rhythm is crystal clear and unfolds pleasantly on jerky synth layers of which the repetition molds a still surge. A strong electro techno track, Busy City unravels its 8 minutes with a steady rhythm and a pulsating frenzy where a variance in the percussions and frenzied pulsations assures a rhythmic which kicks down the shed on a long movement of which the melodious approach varies without ever losing its very electronic cachet, quite as the boiling and furious Morning Rush which is more contemporary and who soaks in an array of heterogeneous electronic tones. Ypsilon’s intro is melting with the finale of Morning Rush and offers a more suave tempo, with fine subtleties in the movement, a little as on Sequence Space but with more firmness in the beat.
Experience sticks Ypsilon with crystalline arpeggios which collide on a sequence to resonant undulations. While we expect an explosive rhythm, Experience takes quite another form with a heavy rhythm certainly, but imprinted by a nice musicality. A kind of techno based on minimalism arpeggios which roll on dichotomous percussions and of which all the rhythm aspect is wrapped with dense synths layers. Synths which sing and charm while freeing nice warbling solos. It’s one of the very good track on Ypsilon. With Ambiente we approach the ambient part of Ypsilon. A complex track segmented in several movements, the intro is a slow cosmic waltz where synths strata are multiplying by borrowing contrasting sonorities on a slender sidewinder sounds structure. Abrasive strata which are melting themselves on others with more cocoon-like sounding to form a strange lunar dance and which borrow a superb musical corridor where soft mesmerizing percussions light an odd hypnotic tempo. A real electronic dance which is not without recalling the caustic universes of the first Schulze’s works, Ambiente evolves with such unpredictability as every development charms the listener. A wonderful track with synths as wheedling as charismatic which feed an outstanding lunar procession that sidewinder sounds effects come, here and there, to add more strangeness to this sublime track. It’s a real one for real fans of evolutive ambient EM. Halfway between the ambient sweetness of Ambiente and the shy rhythms of Sequence Space, Current Drive evolves on a slow, but constant, rhythmic progression where percussions play a dominating role in its hybrid structure. The more Current Drive moves on the more its tempo espouses a tribal approach with a jerky rhythm where percussions shape a kind of aboriginal tom-toms coming of an unknown planet, whereas keyboards polish a fascinating outer space melody and that synths wrap the structure of long resonant and twisted strips. Current Drive is yet another very strong track on Ypsilon where styles are leaking away in the creative originality of the Polish trio. Acti-Vate concludes on a hectic rhythmic which dances on beautiful synth surges. It’s a kind of techno à la Kraftwerk way that shows the extreme diversity of Tomasz Pauszek, Konrad Jakrzewski and Krysztof Rzeznicki.
Curt and frenzied rhythms, other more suave and hypnotic, which go alongside to some ambient and morphic structures variety of Ypsilon is its biggest wealth. Ypsilon is this kind of album where the musicality and variety can reach and please a wider audience without sacrificing the musical research. It’s a very nice album that can easily split two styles in the same desire to tame music and so to bring down many presumptuous barriers.


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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