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ODYSSEY: Syntharsis (2001/2009)

It’s with the very ambient and cosmic The Space Inside, which we find on Awakenings 2007 Vol.I, that Odyssey resuscitated of its ambient and astral waves. Initially released in 2001 by the contemporary artist and Poland EM producer Tomasz Pauszek, Syntharsis knew a brief ‘‘succès d’estime’’ on Polish, Norwegian and Dutch radios waves while spawning around in the circles of underground and experimental music, as well as in France and England. Reedited by the Polish label Generator PL. in a double CD format, Syntharsis is reborn of its tones with a new mastering, besides offering unreleased material write at the same period and some remixes of tracks that hook the attention of fans when initially released. A double album to the antipodes of an ambient and vitamined music in down tempo structures, Odyssey is a soft strangely mesmerizing reflection of a world divided between its elements.
An aquatic world with sonorities of a metallic fusion universe opens the first waves of Inner Intrusion. A track to hybrid atmospheres where the cosmos drags the wanderings of an earth of desolation, Inner Intrusion roams such an astral ghost on a synth line with fine loops which are interlacing in the echo of the waves on a linear movement. An atonal movement draped by a thick cloud of sound effects which float in a cerebral oblivion, Inner Intrusion is a curious sonorous fusion of which the entanglement of sound waves shapes a fascinating morphic melody. A threadlike metallic line tears The Space Inside's introductory veil which lets filter a sound prism stuffed with cosmic heterogeneous tones. Synth layers are morphic and waltz with a big emotionalism in an oniric cosmos à la Jarre, drawing superb exhilarating curves which are entangling with a strange astral sensualism. A great floating track, The Space Inside is unarguably the cornerstone of Syntharsis and spreads his recollections and floating roots beyond its boundaries to wrap the languishing and cosmic Reincarnation and of whom every blow of scattered percussion molds a rhythm which dawdles in odd loopy pulsations. These latent rhythms which look for themselves in the hatching of a semi ambient music teem on Syntharsis, as proves the syncretic and enigmatic Re:Synthesis and Re:Versed Worlds, which is filled with Michael Stearns’ aromas, the sparkling Re:Phlexess and the poetic S.T.A.R.S. Oscillating between the ambient and the down tempo, the rhythm is not totally absent in Syntharsis. After a very ambient intro, Neurogenesis is lighting up on a beautiful bass line which hems on fine percussions that sound like hypnotic pulsations. The tempo espouses a kind of groovy lounge which dances on a delicate syncopated line. With a shy and delicate rhythm, Neurogenesis adheres to Plastikman’s kind of electro acoustics cadences before melting in a more New Wave structure with its quixotic violins which surround a delicate technoïd beat. Time and Deep is cemented in ambient but tortured by percussions without rhythms or cadences. A heavy ambient track sculptured in the depth of cosmic winds and embellished by a beautiful synth which blows a perpetual astral melody. Sunlight offers a rhythmic structure clearly more sharp edgy with its arpeggios which swirl violently in the breezes of its intro. Percussions heavy of resonances, pound a circular rhythm flied over by keyboard keys which swirl restlessly, guiding Sunlight towards a more melodious phase. A nice melody sung by a soft keyboard of which chords are constantly wrapped by arpeggios circulating with anarchy on an ambivalent structure where the beauty of harmonies is caught by acrimonious electronic tones before diving into the interstellar abyss which wraps this very first opus of Odyssey.
Contrary to CD 1, where the rhythms were scattered among ambient structures, the CD 2 of Syntharsis proposes a subtle and nice progress in rhythms. After the very atmospheric and cosmic Beyond S.T.A.R.S., Constellations of Mind is propelled by heavy ambient winds, like strata waltzing in cosmos. The synth sonorities are as much suave as shrill, while brief rhythmic attempts try to emerge from this heavy ambient membrane, quite as in Traces of Reality-Terra Eois. We feel there Jarre influences with electronic tones and oscillations a bit more dramatic which circulate on wide atmospheric strips. Moreover Jarre influences are very omnipresent on this 2nd portion of Syntharsis, as on Traces of Reality-Snapshots where sounds of camera clicking for snapshots abound on a of Moon techno tempo style. After an atmospheric intro the hiccupping rhythm of Structures is setting up. The rhythm is curt and embraces a structure oscillating between techno and down tempo with good percussions which hammers and machine-guns a slightly syncopated pace. More cleared and arched on quite ingenious electronic percussions, The Logical Structures offers a suave down tempo with very Jarrian influences while Innercity is sharply more frenzied and chaotic with its nervous and jerky rhythm, coated by strata of a copper synth. The 2nd portion is very lively and infectious with solid percussions which explode on a pace broken by violent rhythmic jolts. By far the most furious track on Syntharsis, Innercity is a powerful track ideal for hot dance floors. Neurogenesis Radio 2008 Edit and Extended Mix are rather faithful to the original, while Flat Three Remix proposes a more resonant and fluid rhythm on slamming percussions. The bass line spits heavy notes and percussions hammer a hypnotic tempo whereas synths are harmonious and throw a catchy mellotron veil, giving to this Flat Three Remix a techno air with 80’s New Wave hint, while Aphex Glitch Mix is more intriguing but less lively on the rhythmic level. Time and Deep (X-Tended Version) is an identical version, but longer than he one proposed on CD 1. I have nothing against, because it’s a beautiful track which is bloody more attractive with the Lo-Fi Air Remix because less metallic.
The music of Odyssey is astonishly rich. It’s evident that Tomasz Pauszek likes multiplying synth layers and molding heavy musical atmospheres which spread such as slow morphic ballets. Odyssey’s Syntharsis is sculptured in musical atmospheres, sometimes ambient and sometimes cadenced, where down tempo and ambient music is covered with beautiful sound effects as electronic as eclectic. It’s a nice double album of which the variance of styles can please as much fans of soft techno, down tempo and floating music.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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