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MEESHA: Within the Parallel (2010)

Sometimes it’s simply good to have our ears immersed of a musical bath fills of nostalgia. Like this intersidereal wind that comes from so far away and which brings its sparkling stars to build a small shimmering serenade on The Fourth State of Matter opening. A suave wind which waves and waltzes peacefully, avoiding musical shooting stars, accompanied with delicate crystalline arpeggios which shape a timid melody. Huge musical waves wrap this cosmic movement where a superb synth, molded in stars, whistles a cute astral litany of which the charm is leaking away in the hollow of waves of a more austere and threatening synth. All this musical canvas soaks in a dense and poetic cosmos where bells toll for the dead of a spatial inertia and that the rhythm explodes on a powerful sequence heavy minimalist chords which skip, vacillate and support a splendid synth melody filled of the analog years fragrance. A sweet melody which eats the hearing like the most docile of all earworms. The rhythm of The Fourth State of Matter is easing to embraces a morphic phase where elongated tinkled serpentines shell their chords among spectral strata, cosmic waves and sonorities à la Jarre.
Welcome in the wonderful musical world of Meesha, a Dutch synthesist who is strongly inspired by Jean Michel Jarre style and his primary period, from Oxygene to Magnetic Fields. Wonderful, because Within the Parallel is stuffed with these atmospheres at once cosmic and rhythmic that drew the first works of the French synth player. And Meesha doesn’t hide it! Jean Michel Jarre is his inspiration and his music rests on the structures drafted by this last one. Musical structures that still had some juice and relief buried in the mythical intersidereal meanders. Intrusion continues this temporal musical journey with a stationary movement. Nervous sequences roll in a cascade movement beneath synth strata which free some spectral breaths. A synth with Jarre recollections of which mellotron impetus are tinted of a dramatic approach whereas Intrusion rhythm hiccups with sequences which skip furtively, without really feed rhythm, beneath an array of cosmic sound effects. With its synth layers which recover a dense cosmos and its slow morphic impulses, the intro of Within the Parallel baths in a weighty spatial atmosphere. In half-way a wave breaks out, releasing a jerky rhythm settled on bass-drum pulsations and hatched synth pads, while the Korg mini-pops draw these Jarre’s movements of electronic percussions beneath a thick cloud of synth layers which can only remind me the whole musical universe of Jean Michel Jarre. We close our eyes and we would believe to hear a suite to Magnetic Fields. Prism is a short track where synth layers interlace in a beautiful cosmic dance. A melodious track, even if very ambient and floating, filled with some Jarre’s electro-cosmic essences.
These essences furnish all the structures of Within the Parallel, as in In the Center with its synth hits and choirs which shape a dramatic astral procession. Beneath an astral gust of wind, the rhythm is lightening with fine percussions and synth strata perfumed of spectral-cosmic sound effects. Although discreet the tempo progresses with ascending sequences which vacillate around a lumbering electronic structure which gradually becomes blurred and falls in the slow impulses of a synth which frees brief solos in a cosmos filled of analog sound effects. Jarre! Jarre! Jarre! Everything on Within the Parallel inhales the influences of the French synthesist. Parallel Five is an electronic rumba that Jarre liked to insert at the end of each of his first three albums. Longer certainly, Parallel Five plays on a rhythmic subdivision to lengthen the time and being able to inserts nice synth solos on a delicate structure of ‘‘déjà entendue’’. Coming out of a cosmic somber intro, sequences waddle naively at the opening of Journey 2000. A sequential movement which is getting heavy whereas a nice synth whistles a melody filled up with a soft melancholy. Curt and edgy, the rhythm is dividing and Journey 2000 embraces a kind of cheerful military march. It’s an electronic Spartacus with increasing synth layers and sulfurous solos which spin around slamming percussions. A strong progressive cosmic rock which slows down its walking to kiss stars and melting into the sweetness’s of Interconnected, a nice and melodious track that concludes Meesha’s 5th opus, as The Fourth State of Matter opened it.
You are a Jarre fan? Meesha’s Within the Parallel will please you undoubtedly. I hooked on it for several listening and do Meesha copies Jean Michel Jarre? Well it depends on the way we see, or hear, it. As for me I’d rather say that Within the Parallel is a skillful mixture of Oxygene and Magnetic Fields. There is little room for cosmic ambient as such because each track contains its dose of ambient which is quickly repressed by sometimes progressive, even slower, sometimes spasmodic rhythms. But beyond these structures filled of inspired recollections for the ear are hiding of beautiful melodies that capture as much the hearing as souvenirs. Within the Parallel is a beautiful album which shows how much the French synth wizard really made the tour of its primary universe. An album highly recommended to jarred fans and all this French electronic music that was also in the heart of this musical revolution of the 70’s. And for those whose Jarre still unknown to….where were you?

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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