jeudi 17 mars 2011

ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT: The Regions Between (2007)

It is my very first time that my ears cross the music of Alpha Wave Movement, the musical project of the American synthesist Gregory T. Kyryluk. I have to admit it; I wasn’t very infatuated at the idea of discovering the music of the Massachusetts musician. Especially since The Regions Between is a collection of ‘’leftovers’’, composed between 2001 and 2006 and which hadn’t found their places on none of AWM albums, music which is bordering dark ambient, with a light melodious approach that inhales the paths of a Kitaro, Silk Road era, and the very vaporous atmospheres of Berlin School, 70’s Ashra and Tangerine Dream style. Musical paradoxes among which, needs to admit, can only instigate the curiosity …and I was pleasantly surprised.
Distant ether wind opens the very ambient From the Ether. A soft title, to suave windy movements, ornamented with fine solitary arpeggios which soak in a peaceful spatial ambiance. A track with a cosmic approach where chords get lost in infinity, quite as on the somber and misty Distant Nebula. Nucleogenesis is quite a good track which immerses in a delicate Vangelis atmosphere with a symphonic synth that blows among strong keys to fats resonances, before a beautiful sequence line draws a delicate tempo which pulses on 3 chords. A tempo that hops lightly in a sound constellation which wind around the movement that a suave mellotron to languishing orchestrations recovers of a poetic musical coat. In spite of its rhythmic who embraces soft techno steams, Solar Dub preserves the honeyed musical approach which perfumes this collection of forgotten tracks. A musical piece livened up by echoing and hatched keys that a synth rolls up by its long tasty solos and of which the rhythmic touch is soften by the misty of a mellotron. With its slightly jazzy intro and its cadence surrounded of keys that wriggle as the wings of a dragonfly on striking of felted percussions, Rubicon is a cross between Nucleogenesis and Solar Dub, if only by its night club approach. A soft track full of romanticism which slightly boils of a delicious active life, under a beautiful Vangelis melodious synth / mellotron combination.
After a desert breaths slow intro, Desert Light lights up on a Steve Roach sequential approach. A very surprising title which plunges us in the heart of Roach tribal rhythms, with its blazing synthesized strata which darken an already somber sky. Another beautiful find on this compilation which would have found its place on Drifted Into Deeper Lands, of which I really should put my ears under one of these days. Another one very good title is Sun Tempel, who wants to be a tribute to Manuel Göttsching. Notes skip on a beautiful and intense mellotron line, which a synth rolls up of its pleasantly languishing solos. A soft dance for quiet spirits, which increases its pace with an e-guitar of which brief solos edge in among sober percussions and a surprising set of sequences with puzzling striking. Respecting the musical signature within The Regions Between, Sun Tempel is wrapped of a weighty mellotron coat which oversize the melodious approach which takes slightly chthonian sights with this mixture of synthesized breaths and e-guitar. Metamorphic Dawn eyes a New Age approach with a strong Kitaro essence where a tearful mellotron wraps of its suave orchestrations some Tibetan percussion, bringing Metamorphic Dawn on Silk Road frontiers.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised by The Regions Between. I won’t say it’s brilliant, but I find it very surprising. A good mixture of styles which makes relive the nostalgic sweetness’s of Kitaro, Steve Roach's occult meanders and the sweet melancholic of Vangelis with it’s dramatic arrangements. A very beautiful bed bedhead cd which eases the night birds torments and which gives the go to discover this artist.


Sylvain Lupari (2010)
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