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PYRAMID PEAK: Evolution (2007)

Distant, draining fine refractions, Gravity’s first keys fall into a vaporous atmosphere where mysticism throne with beauty. A superb flute emerges to be melting to a soft keyboard which jumps its arpeggios on cascades on a limpid melody close to Tangerine Dream’s Underwater Twilight or Tyger. A little before the 5th minute, the so particular Pyramid Peak synth sound draws an even more melodious solitary sound arch, juxtaposing 2 harmonious lines to poetics waves which waltz on a soft tempo builds on sober percussions.
Axel Stupplich describes this last Pyramid Peak release as being a return to basics for this German EM band that gave us the stunning Ocean Drive. And he pointed right. Evolution is a superb ode to Berlin School but a flowing one, musical, melodious and more accessible. Because the complex side of structural developments makes room to a progressive and captivating sequential minimalism, criss-crossed by synth layers unique to P Peak sonorities. Based on Darwin theory, Evolution permutes starting from the Peak changes of orientation since its foundation. So we find in there a mixture of musical segments already played in concert and a very beautiful remix of Drive.
Evolution is a long epic voyage of thirty minutes which is in perfect harmony with the spirit of its design; a misty intro, with uncertain influences which gradually extends its melodious pads on a minimalism sequence on fluid and hypnotic doubloons. Spectral, the synth frees an enchanting aura diverting us of a more progressive tempo which is wiggling on a nervous sequencer and a mellotron from which hot breezes caress a well stocked sounds cape. This is pure and silky Berlin School with cosmic derivations which palpitates on multiple variations sequences, ethereal mellotrons and sepulchral lamentations synths. The first reverberations of History plunges us in a heavy and intriguing atmosphere, raised by alarming vocal effects and sharp-edged synthetic pads. The whole thing releases an industrial futurism such as we find on Blade Runner. It’s a syncretic intro where heavy synths are melting to groovy movements which burst out of an objective sensuality. Third track and a third consecutive jewel History is making of an enveloping musical which encircles and charm on a tempo with suggestive evolutions, stuffed of charming and overwhelming echoing pulsations.
Sequenced is the best of the two extremes and presents a very atmospheric intro where synths float in a haunted opacity. An undisciplined sequence pierces this mystical veil to explore a swirl of which curves give birth to a multitude of whirling cycles which waltz on a nice, tender and moving synth. The 2nd part is corrosive, with a solid techno beat with nervous arcs and sequencers in echo mode. Drive 2007 is a remix which is opening on an intro with metallic drones. The loops filled of romantic fragrances from a well cherished electronic hymn swirl with clearness bringing us to hum the melody before its shows its very first measure. The synths are blowing wild... and the rest is history.
So far, Evolution is the best EM album to appear this year and the very best of Pyramid Peak by a mile. Daring and musical, Peak reveals a melodious tenderness which delights with this so particular sonority of the German trio. An album with the sound images impressed of a delicacy which plunges us in a Berlin School triturated by an approach as much romantic as avant-gardism. It’s the kind of opus that can’t go unperceived and which the fans of Berlin School and Tangerine Dream, White Eagle and Tyger area, will simply love.

Sylvain Lupari (2007)
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