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NATTEFROST: Vejen til Asgård E.P. (2004)

Always inspired by the Scandinavian mythology Bjorn Jeppesen, aka Nattefrost, presents a short EP which includes a superb video at the crossing of De Som sejrede… and Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning. I say the crossing because while respecting his atmospheric approach with his floating intriguing shades, Nattefrost pushes on his sequencer and offers rather short powerful tracks for the greatest pleasure of my ears as well as yours, I am sure of that.
The face of the Virgin Forest embraces De Som Sejrede’s fragrances. The rhythm is slow and a fine hardly perceptible sequence makes the track progressing on floating atmospheric pads. After very the known Where the Gods are Watching which has more felted tonality here, The Magic of the Burial Mound develops on huge and powerful sequence which roll like hell. Heavy the sequential line supports beautiful and obscure synth layers as the tempo is leaking away within its atmospheric breezes. Though lighter and more nervous, Nordic espouses the same structure. In A Past Time is a superb and dark melody which growths with big breezes of a wrapping and intriguing synthesizer. This is a track that is progressing on intense atmospheric waves. The road to Asgard finishes this EP on the same lines as the opening part, but with a heavier tempo, and hardly more speed. The sequence spins in loop on a Scandinavian poem recited with a vocoder.
This Nattefrost EP shows his evolution from De Som Sejrede… to Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning. Within the heavy atmospheres, very close to those of Steve Roach by the way, we seize extremely well the influences which will lead to Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning. It’s a good EP full of Nattefrost’ so particular sonorities. The tempo is heavily slow and succeeds in filtering melodies as strange as mythical atmospheres of Scandinavian countries.

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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