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SYNDROMEDA & VON HAUSLSHOVEN: The Second Intelligent Lifeform (2010)

Here is a very beautiful audacious album. An album which follows precepts of the tandem Danny Budts and Eppie E Hulshof 1st collaboration; Von Haulshoven Meets Syndromeda released in 2007. The Second Intelligent Lifeform is a powerful album of cosmic rock sprinkled with a zest of progressive and psychedelic. If the duet plunges in height into the retro Berlin School in More Than a Feeling, it deviates towards a more complex cosmic rock where unpredictable rhythms abound in powerful electronic atmospheres on the title track and The Bell of Storm.
As soon as the first key of More Than a Feeling fallen, a sinuous and spectral fine hatched synth wave drags its lugubrious sonorous shadow up to the doors of a superb sequence which gallops under the charm of a fluty mellotron. A sequential movement that we know so much where choirs and oscillations are plunging us straight in the heart of Tangerine Dream’s Ricochet and Encore. It’s a haughtiness intro where jingles of cymbals, drum pulsations and analog white noises gnaw at a wavy-like cadence which hems in good speed, wrapped by strata of synth foggy. Chords which pulse and hiccup under twisted resonances, introducing corrosive and twirled solos from Syndromeda’s synths. At around the 9th minute the rhythm undresses bit by bit, letting hear a sound skeleton which unwinds under brief pads of an enigmatic synth. Eclectic sonorities fly over this light structure where a warm synth caresses a soft hypnotic and minimalist approach with chords that are waddling innocently beneath a sky skinned of electronic streaks. Heavy and juicy synth solos wrap these chords, diverting the rhythm towards feverish sequences which strum with fury beneath the bites of riffs and heavy solos coming out of V.H. electric six-strings. More Than a Feeling will succumb to this depraved attack by taking refuge in a heavy chthonian universe where choruses and powerful resonances flood an infernal finale. The Second Intelligent Lifeform, the title track, is as delicious as audacious. The intro offers a fusion of sounds as electronic as heterogeneous which sparkle under laments and solos of a suave synth. A somber pulsation resounds and guides this foggy intro outside oblivion paths. Tenebrous choirs and guitar notes are grafting in there while sequences blast the ambiance of a staggering gait beneath the claws of a solitary guitar with bluesy moods.
Immerging in full ambiguity the tempo is getting astray in the abyss to take back colossal strengths with an almighty and heavy sequential movement which waves in loop, espousing a gyrating and pulsatory shape beneath pads of a synth with melodious breaths. The rhythm of The Second Intelligent Lifeform forks with subtlety, changing its pace beneath a rain of streaks and analog sounds effects which tear this big cosmic rock. A heavy cosmic rock surrounded by solos of guitars and synth scattered in an array of synth layers with tones of cosmic choirs which pulse on a rhythm deviating towards almighty sequential doubloons which skip with ardour, plunging even more The Second Intelligent Lifeform cadence into surprising rhythmic complexities which don’t stop amazing. And, as any good thing has an end, The Second Intelligent Lifeform is going off out gradually in strange reverberations which mutter and hum in a slow din.
The Bell of Storm concludes this 2nd Von Haulshoven/ Syndromeda collaboration with more delicacy. A fine pulsation emerges from a heavy atmospheric intro, guiding The Bell of Storm towards a minimalism approach with sequenced chords with chimed sonorities which skip and progress fervently. A rhythm which is growing with intersected sequences on warm synth solos. Solos which become entangled and entwined in a sinuous cosmic ballet à la Schulze, with their different tones which glide above sequences and pulsations became darker and more flexible. Sequences which roam with hesitation, plunging The Bell of Storm towards an atmospheric passage, a moment when Von Haulshoven brings out his guitar to crumble in there fragmented solos, but also opening a passage to a more languishing structure where the rhythm is sensual with floating chords, muffled pulsations and percussions as well as celestial breaths which drag in a suggestive cosmos. Then a 2nd atmospheric passage appears, re introducing an even more nervous and jerky rhythmic than at the beginning. It’s a cadence which staggers beneath powerful solos of a synth with caustic mist and an ambiguous finale, as all that reigns over this impressive opus that is The Second Intelligent Lifeform. Here’s a magnificent album, a powerful one that we listen to at high volume in order to catch all of the sounds subtleties on it. Available at Musiczeit, it is an excellent purchase that I do not hesitate to recommend to fans of heavy cosmic rock merging to a weighty retro Berlin School à la TD and Schulze.


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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