mercredi 26 janvier 2011

SYNDROMEDA: Von Haulshoven meets Syndromeda (2007)

The musical universes of Von Haulshoven and Syndromeda are crossing without being alike. If one does progressive Berlin School with Tangerine Dream fragrances, the other one likes as much the Berlin School style but with a more personal and audacious touch. The fusion of these two universes, at once so close and so distant, could only give a result models after both characters which are at the opposites at the level of musical structures, that is to say a hybrid music where styles which influenced both musicians are entangling in this musical rendezvous that will leave more than one perplexed.
Between the poetic waves of Klaus Schulze, the tenebrous wanderings of Tangerine Dream fluty synths and metallic breezes of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Where Here, the slow morphic intro of 21th Century Oscillator Suite is a pure sonorous wonder of a cosmic, ambient and psychedelic musical world. An oblong intro which stacks layers of an oniric synth to those a little more caustic and cosmic, of which sinuous solos to breaths of old Baroque organs are clearing their ways among chthonian choirs. It’s sonorous scenery which survives to a degraded rhythm which is pointing out a little before the 12th minute. A delicate rhythm which is drawing on a fine wave-like bass line and a sequence which hiccups beneath the shade of solos a bit more strident. Percussions fall and dress the rhythm of a sustained measure in an ochre synthesized universe where synth solos shape soft vaporous melodies, before sniffed the morphic sweetness of its intro. Vibrations 1st half shows the interest of Eppie E. Hulshof and Danny Budts for a psychedelic approach of the post Berlin School. Caustic waves tack in a cosmos tetanized of metallic tones where strange voices call out the brief quietude of its intro. Vibrations starts then briskly and noisily with a bumpy sequential movement, encircled of heavy resonances, while synths fuse lines as melodious as howling in a heterogeneous sound sphere where everything is confusion, where loud sequences staggering grope among a synth to multiple loop strata. The 2nd part dons on a sharply more melodious approach with beautiful crossed sequences which bite a hesitating line of bass under the charms of a more musical synth. A duality of rhythms and structures which demonstrates the musical antipodes that feed the adventurousness of those accomplices for an album.
Answers without Questions evolve as a beautiful Berlin School with angelic magnetisms. A beautiful fluty synth emerges from its introductory slump to draw a superb melodious line that a sequential movement espouses marvelously. A superb synth / sequencer fusion which flows slowly, as the beautiful and still incomplete moments of 70’s Dream, era Encore and Green Desert. Around the 12th minute spot, the duet plunges into the irresistible cosmic hazes of a parallel sound world where a brief psychedelic approach reintroduces a rhythmic gathered of chaotic and imperfect sequences which light a synth with much punctuated spectral stridencies. It’s a finale that reflects the very ambiguous artistic characters of two artists which are so near, while being so far.

SINSYN: 200808

Sylvain Lupari (2010)
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