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GERT EMMENS: Waves of Dreams (2004)

Doubtless, the music of Gert Emmens is one of the most full of imagery in contemporary EM. A little as big names in progressive music, Emmens succeed in structuring a music which is listening as much as she is telling. Waves of Dreams is among albums that won’t get astray within time. A musical tale, in 6 chapters, which explores an extremely rich sound fauna with its howling synths, aleatory sequences which flutter in all directions and its dense mellotron to foggy atmospheres.
This splendid journey filled of strong elaborated sounds and tones begins with After the Rain. A quixotic finger touches lightly the surface of water to widen multiple waves that are sound circles. This elfic intro is breaking on low curves of a swaying sequence which lazes beneath a soft mellotron. The synth filters its harmonious breezes, whereas the sequencer is quietly getting astray in a heavy synth mist. These atmospheric moments which interfere in Waves of Dreams are tinted with fascinating sound effects, creating an active musical life. On this passage strange pulsations act as percussions, on a ghostly structure where a sequencer proposes an odd march, accompanied by a shadowy mellotron. After the Rain’s 3rd movement is a soft sonorous sparkling which titillates on chords of a mellotron violin. The structure is soft and filled of pulsations build upon hardly formed sparkling percussions, synth choirs and a soft synth which roars in a mystic fog while filtering beautiful hemmed solos that will be lost in a cosmic silence. Another Time, Another Place pierces this silence by freeing notes that float on a hesitating mellotron. Arpeggios swarm of a new life with a sequence which is slowly accentuating the pace. Spectral synth on dark background, the musical structure deviates to become uncertain and to embraces stratospheric limbs. A short moment of calm which breaks on an alert sequencer with its heavy notes which swirl on hesitating bends to be melting in a heavy atmosphere filled of synth solos so unique to Gert Emmens.
The title track begins on a cosmic wind where fine chords flutter on the back of a suave mellotron. An astral intro with a magnificent vocal presence which pushes ethereal laments on a soft waltz with too much slow movement to be danced, but perfect to loved. Through this beauty, we hardly felt the presence of a sequence which shaped its structure to reach a more livened up cadence, but all in suppleness. Waves of Dreams will fly between rhythms with a surprising sensibility for a synth musical work. Dawn is a superb cosmic tribal track starting with amazing sequenced arpeggios which float lazily on a very spatial mellotron before forming a more sustained pace around percussions been born on the rustle of steel sheets, creating an eclectic sound universe which is shaping in an unsuspected coherence. The sequencer’s play on a synth that watches such a cosmic lighthouse is simply stunning. In particular finale which explodes on a strange environment weighed down by the prisms of sequences which sparkle with a renewed imagination near the crossing of atmospheres from Heading Towards Unknown Destinations. If you thought of having heard everything, your ears will be surprised again. First Nations tom-toms go out of this cosmic atmosphere to set the tone to a quick march which rushes into the twilights of the sound strangeness’s of Gert Emmens's solos. A superb movement which amazes, both by its tempo eroded by the thick synth layers and the tom-toms tones. Hooked at our speakers, we are entering into a huge hypnotic musical storm, like these tales where the innocent tries to avoid the vile, on a stunning sequenced race which ends in sequential stammering. An amazing music piece that it’s better to listen to than trying to describe it. This is simply great electronic art built upon a musical vision which doesn’t stop to amaze. Bright Spot on a Grey Day enclose this opus filled of complex and melodious sound meanders on familiar musical structures; sclerozed wind, nervous sequential arpeggios on a waltzing but balanced mellotron and perfect sound effects on a structure which tries to develop its pace. All in melody, Emmens deepens his artistic approach to lead us on a rhythmic with beautiful spatial harmonies. Everything is soft until the rhythm is getting astray in a black hole where dark winds paralyze sequences to reshape them into fluttering metallic pads. Too much busy to care, the wind oversight the strengths of mellotron which reties its melodious airs on weak percussions which lurch towards limbo.
To me, Waves of Dreams is a magnificent album. The kind that will become a classic in modern EM area, just like Free System Projekt’s Impulse or Frank Specht’s Sebastian Im Traum. A great album that continues what Wanderer of Time has started; the opening of a great synthesist and composer that amazes and bewitches at each listening, especially because of this melodious ingenuity of sequencing.


Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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