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GERT EMMENS: Metamorphosis (2010)

Metamorphosis is the reflection of a translucent wall translucent wall of evolvement and highlight of pattern of a life as designed by the will of nature. For his 10th album on Groove Unlimited label, Gert Emmens's not one to bother with niceties and offers a splendid concept album where the melody is the message of consciousness. And Metamorphosis is stuffed with melodies. Melodies linked to sequences as heavy as deviants in a wonderful analog sound environment. Moved by a new faith and a new passion, Gert Emmens is making the messenger of his new values by offering us a solid opus of which the music draws a wonderful tale on magical thought.
Strategem of Morality opens Metamorphosis with a heavy atmospheric intro. A dense sound broth where simmers hybrid synth lavas of which layers are criss-crossing and resounding among sinuous synth solos. Solos dancing lasciviously in a somber electronic Genesis drawn of slender twisted waves, hesitating synth pads and reverberating streaks which cross still synth pads as well as distant felted sequential line which livens up little by little Strategem of Morality lavas. Another sequence skips stealthily; leaving its reverberating tracks formed a pace which amplifies delicately its rhythm beneath a hazy mellotron mist. At around the7th minute the rhythm is settling down with a sequential movement to hybrid chords and tones, sustained by electronic percussions which beat finely the pace under a firmament stuffed with fine twisted synth solos. The tempo progresses with this sound architecture unique to Gert Emmens and deviates delicately towards a more ethereal structure with delicate keyboard keys which ring among sequencer chords always so hybrid and hued. This furtive sequential movement which skips stealthily is the cornerstone of the crossed rhythms which endow the rhythmic structures of Emmens on Metamorphosis. Collision is the perfect example. After an ethereal intro which molds a sober tempo, criss-crossed by these fabulous synth solos, the rhythm undergoes a transformation by a permutation of a sequential movement stemming from nowhere. These chords skip with a kind of hesitation and with slinky solos. The pace becomes more insistent and modulates an ascending structure from where are escaping soft keys which ring as a guitar’s. And so goes Collision. Between steady rhythms and atmospheric passages, sequences of the Dutch synthesist shape minimalist and hypnotic rhythms on brief surges where rhythms have arrhythmic measures, bringing Collision towards a superb final decorated of splendid solos which are entangling around sequenced cadences unique to the charming musical world of Emmens. Empathy is modeled in the same mould as Collision, except for these spectral solos which whistle above the nervous skipping sequences of the introduction. More compressed cause shorter, Empathy evolves from rhythms to ambiances with synth solos to cerebral magnetism which flutter above a sequential world in constant inversion.
After the floating Emotive Disparity, Pace of Voyage initiates its musical tale with an unbridled sequential race and spiced up of synth solos as much poetic as lyrical. A piercing solo dismount the tempo, plunging Pace of Voyage into a brief indecisive passage with a heavy and slow sequence which waddles beneath pads of a thinker synth. The tempo becomes then slower, but also heavier. It embraces an ethereal structure with cymbals which flicker besides keys of a keyboard as much pensive, on sequences which try to take back its crazy race beneath breezes of a ghostly synth. But the rhythm is sagging and we dive into a soft and brief cosmic atmosphere with strata which waltz in an oniric oblivion, which nervous and hectic sequences repeal with a sterile rhythmic structure. The tempo is spherical and still. It pounds beneath waves and solos of a supernatural and eerie synth, accompanied by choirs and a mystic mist of a dreamy mellotron. A hybrid synth with solos as symphonic as solitary, floating in an ethereal mist, he whistles and sings catchy solos, while Opaque Difference pounds with its first stammering. Solos and breezes of synth are waddling such as padded sequences, increasing gradually a cadence which subtly gallops with discretion in a cosmic mist. Weighed down, the sequence staggers to mold a slow tempo which waves with heaviness among spasms of a hesitating synth and fluid chords which flow as guitar’s ones. A strange electronic march is following, flied over by tiny streaks and brief solos before the heavy rhythm is drawing, hammered by good percussions. A mesmerizing rhythm which spins delicately, such a cosmic ballet, on a circular sequence sometimes heavy, aggressive and sometimes delicate, hesitating, embracing in the end an ethereal sweetness and exhilarated by suave solos of charming synth. A synth which lulls our imaginary since we became linked to Gert Emmens's soft musical universe.
Ambiguous rhythms on sequences in constants permutations and besieged by beautiful melodies, Metamorphosis is very good and strong Gert Emmens. A complex album from its unpredictable rhythms and where melodies are shaping to sequential movements sometimes spherical and sometimes progressive. Melodies sculptured by an oniric mellotron and synths which sing and whistle on beautiful ethereal structures. One of the good albums of 2010!

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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