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Y & T is FD Project new release. An album divided into 2 parts: Today with 6 new tracks and Yesterday with 5 unreleased tracks written since 2003. So, this is new stuff, old and new never released music. If Heavensgate surrounded us with a very Berlin School aura, this last opus of Frank Dorittke leads us into a musical world dominated by the influence that Mike Oldfield had on the German multi-instrumentalist. An album with rhythms arranged on beautiful sequences sometimes randomly, sometimes minimalism, into languishing layers dominated by an electric guitar sometimes oniric, sometimes explosive.
And it’s starts with Stars and Sky which opens as a new Tubular Bells. A dark linear opening tinted with fine scattered keys which wave on hardly perceptible oscillations from where appears an innocent nursery rhyme on a minimalist piano, coupled by the wavy and sensual bass line which molded Mike Oldfield's 1st opus. Except that around the 5th minute the rhythm changes end for end with the appearance of a violin on wild lively percussions, feeding a furious incursion in an Irish tribal soil. A folk dance for gnomes which is becoming milder before sinking into an ambient darkness streaked by lamentations of an electric six strings and a mellotron voices which are extending over a melancholic piano. Languishingly, the movement gets back to life with a heavy guitar which draws the rhythm beneath an orchestral choir, before switching towards another stroboscopic rhythmic, depicting the imagination and taste of FD Project for permuting rhythms which puzzle constantly the listener. It’s a nice track which opens the road to a multitude tracks with very different structures, which respect the diversity of cadences in a dense and well fed sound universe. Planet Earth offers a minimalism intro with chords that click and sounds like the Big Ben. An intro which pounds softly on a jerkier sequencer, but of which the fury is held by a cloudy mellotron pad. The track soaks in a statism of boiling tones with fine crystalline sequences which caped by heavy guitar solos. Shimmering keys around Polarstern’s dark line. Vocals add an intriguing dimension to a rhythm which grows as a clock which wants to outstrip its movement in an atmosphere veiled of mellotron layers and guitar solos of which spin passionately. It’s a track near the Berlin School style, quite as Fearless with its loopy sequences which hem in an ambient universe in spite of a feverish sequencer which surrounds a pulsation that won’t explode. It’s all the opposite of Remember with its hatched circular rhythm which swirls on an ascending sequence torn by heavy solos and caustic riffs. After the sweet ditty with chiseled guitars that is Dream with Me, we enter into the vaults of the first FD Project compositions that privileged big guitars on fine rotary sequences.
Dream in a Dream begins with hesitation. It’s a sweet composition of which the foundation is a guitar which rolls on a circular movement with sulfurous solos. A track that is close to Oldfield soil. Around the World presents a more syncopated structure which spins in circles on guitars solos. Waterfall amazes with his foggy intro tinted with argentine keys which gambol on a structure with a slow crescendo on a bass sequence with light capriole. A bewitching synth wraps Waterfall, leading us towards a dreamland with illusions and fantasies. That’s a very beautiful track forgotten in Frank Dorittke's crypts. Early Years has a very Kraftwerk approach with a zest of Neu and Michael Rother. A nervous track on an unbridled rhythm, torn by huge incisive guitar solos which are entangling to rather shy synth solos. Wishes concludes this retro- actual work with a beautiful sequence à la Michael Rother which hammers an introverted tempo but with an effective melody.
Y & T represents the much parallel visions of FD Project. From yesterday to today, Frank Dorittke exploits a musical universe which winds between Berlin School, the teutronic rhythms and the tribal goblinish approach of Mike Oldfield. An audacious mixture which flows into sometimes complex, but always harmonious universe, where the guitar is a master key in a sphere filled with interchangeable sequences that bubble in a very mystic synth mellotron.

Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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