dimanche 23 janvier 2011

ALPHA LYRA: Aquarius (2006)

After the stars, Alpha Lyra traces his music in a world closer to us. Aquarius is the fruit of an ambitious project which consists in writing music for a book about fishes entitled ‘’Aquarius…sous le signe des poissons’’. The writing of the music was made in parallel with the writing of the book on a 5 months period.
Eclectic choirs rise from Crystal River's abyssal depths with a soft synth movement filled of discreet flutes which are molding to frail choirs, as mermaids singing the crystalline beauties of the reflections from crystal clear water. Incredibly soft synth undulations float as fluid celestial pads, like a nice journey on flutes and enchanted choirs that make us discover virtues of the tenderness in a captive universe. Aquatic Dream exploits the same peace of mind on beautiful fragmented harmonies. The movement progresses in an echoing corridor where a beautiful sequenced melody undulates in the bluish reflections of a surface shaken by a synth wind, as whistles of spring. The slow Aquarius intro is melting on a sublime wavy synth which swirls softly among flowing keys and choirs with celestial harmonies. It’s a beautiful spellbinding moment which inspires an increasing melodious partition on synths with slow evolutions, a little as if the seabed abysses would be the best place underground. Ocean Waves is a long kermis of a melodious sweetness with a synth filled of captivating strata. A beautiful silky sequence livens up this light tempo which is subdividing to create another melody evolving harmoniously around choirs and strong synth strata, shaping thus a very nice passage of a hypnotic and restful sweetness. Synths are superb and let dragged multitudes of shrill, spectral and captivating streaks and striations. Of their reverberations a piano shakes its notes accompanied with choirs to variant harmonies, as the guards of Ocean Waves secret entrance which is an excellent track that we never get tired of listening to, as much for relaxed and dreamed as for the pleasure of tasting a synth melody in a perfect sound harmony. Batanga Reef ends this Christian Piednoir's 2nd opus as the whole of Aquarius; a melody in total cohesion with the musical and harmonious values of this musical banquet for an aquatic world.
Music to accompany a book! Music for fishes! You need to have convictions of your faith and on this level Alpha Lyra seems to me completely credible. Aquarius is a strong melodious album with movements more progressive and audacious than Music for the Stars, letting augur that the best remains to come from this French synthesist. I perceived there a sensibility and an effect to be within reach dreams of streams that we hear throughout this trip. It’s a nice musical journey where the ambient goes alongside to light and minimalism rhythm leaving amply time to sit down and dream as the crow flies.

Available at http://www.alpha-lyra.net/

Sylvain Lupari (2007)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream: http://www.gutsofdarkness.com/god/objet.php?objet=9336

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