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RAINBOW SERPENT: Elektrik Cowboys (2009)

Recorded during the 2007 Ricochet Gathering held in Montana USA, Elektrik Cowboys doesn’t betray its roots with an opening on quixotic railroads hemmed by a synth with spectral waves, as if we were aboard a ghostly train. Jinglings and ambient noises are making hear among mellotron synth layers with violin breezes so much characteristic to Rainbow Serpent musical universe, of which slinky synth envelopes float in an atmosphere charmingly ethereal. Like a horse which jogs while dreaming. As a horse which dreamily, Geyser Field moves on a soft rhythm encircled by fine shimmering arpeggios which flutter delicately around this light crescendo sequence, draped by mellotron choirs which finale is drawing as a vaporous entrance at the train station, in a place where pipe dream goes alongside an abstract reality. On the Road wipes Geyser Field dusts before molding a chaotic and nervous sequential rhythm, coated by an encircling mellotron. A sweet Berlin School livened up by a rhythmic of a frenetic and undulating bass which scrolls at full tilt on percussions shape in cymbal sounds, animating the shrewdness of a train in movement rolling in an atmosphere stiffed with rippling strata and rich spectral choirs.A pace overhangs by sequences which fluctuate at the mercy of mountains and dunes which punctuate this travel towards American desert plains.
A very beautiful contemporary Berlin School which ties to the wagon of Fanger and Schönwälder’s Montana Grooves, with a very spatial intro which mutters in a cosmic lifeless. Quietly a hiccoughing sequence modulates a hatched rhythm which is coated of smooth captivating layers. The tempo becomes clearer, on synth loops which wave on a structure whose light crescendo fits the visions of the American western plains so well undertook by Rainbow Serpent. A vision which leaks away in a mist of ethereal hazes at around the 24th minute, exploiting marvelously the nocturne and intersidereal feelings of a journey as cosmic as terrestrial that ends with a fine dance of xylophone arpeggios on a bed of stirring layers.
Elektrik Cowboys is a poetic ode of Berlin School style. An imaginary journey in cowboys’ country on sweet poetic rides witch results in a soft and tender album that reaches the limits of a parallel world, between the sweetness of a lyrical Berlin School and quixotic visions of its musical landscapes.


Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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